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Obama’s favorite watchesjorg gray, heuer and highgear

As the saying goes “if you want to know a man you must see from his watches”, generally speaking, from the watches, we can know the traits of his character, of course, American president-Obama is no exception. Do you want to know his watches? Let us look at them together.

1.JGC6500 On the day of his 46th birthday, the American secret service agents sent a gift for Barak Obama. That is a chronograph which produced by Jorg Gray for Secret Service store, the name of the watch is JGC6500 Chronograph which is made in China.

The case of the watch is solid stainless steel, and the bezel is made of metal, besides, if you are careful, you may see the special mark on the back

case of the watch which printed water resistant to 10 ATM. Without our thinking, one president can use the leather strip watch.

2.TAG Heuer1500

Besides, the brand of Heuer is one of the favorite watches for Obama, in the middle of 90s; Obama is always wearing the TAG Heuer1500 which is a multifunctional watch, the gray color watchcase and the golden dial bring you a feeling of elegant. Looking at this watch, you must know that Obama is an active and venturesome person.

3.Highgear Enduro Compass watch In addition to this, Sports watch also list his watches, let s look at this Highgear Enduro Compass watch clearly. Compared with the black strip, the gray dial is so bright; the water resistant is up to 50 meters.


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