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October 2016 JetPens Gift Card Winner


Today we have our October 2016 (two days late, sorry) JetPens gift card winner to announce.  If you still haven’t signed up for this twice monthly giveaway, check out the details and do it here.  First though, I found two quick deals that I thought were worth sharing, so take a look and see if you won, and if not at least you can score some cheap office supplies if needed.

This chunky little Five Star notebook is 3.5″ x 5.5″ and has 200 sheets, that normally sets you back between $3-$6, but as of writing this, it can be had for only $1.49 (Buy via Amazon) which is a heck of a deal.  These are a great option for random list making and who knows how many other things.

This 20lb paper comes in a package of 500 sheets from HP and would normally set you back between $10 and $14, but it can be had for nearly half that at only $5.99 (Buy via Amazon) for now.


Now that you have had the chance to stock up on a lifetime of cheap paper, its time to announce the winner of our $25 JetPens gift card.  If you are Anthony Gerard, you are the lucky winner of $25 worth of cool stationery and office supplies from the great selection over at JetPens.  Just reply to the email in your inbox or use the About/Contact link below to contact us so we can get your prize to you.

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