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This is a review that is going to be short and sweet, but the product itself is very unique.  This is a Bic Cristal  Stylus for your tablet or phone.  Technically, it is a look a like because it isn’t actually manufactured by Bic. … [Read more…]


The SanDisk Orbit is a new flash drive from SanDisk that not only fits on your key chain very nicely, but it also comes with a built in storage solution called the SanDisk Vault to secure the files that you put on here. … [Read more…]


So today was the first day that I really had time to play around with the handwriting to text functionality provided by the S Note software on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and I thought I’d share a little bit of what that experience was like for me as a first time tablet user, and as someone that tried this software once before with zero success.  You can see the first screen shot above (I’ll have to do a different post on screen shots and image editing on … [Read more…]


I recently wrote about how I needed to change my work laptop bag and was retiring my Saddleback Leather Briefcases in Dark Coffee Brown.  Today I have a review for its replacement which is the Tumi Alpha Bravo Pinckney Flap Brief, which I’ve been enjoying so far. … [Read more…]


  I came across two very cool products that are currently being funded on Kickstarter, so I wanted to share them quickly, although I don’t have any samples to review yet.  One is the IPX-PRO Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy Notebook Cover, and the other is the Mycestro 3D Mouse. … [Read more…]


Today we have a guest review of the new Evernote Moleskine Smart Notebook from one of our readers, Will Hopkins.  Will was kind enough to take on the task of writing this review since I am not an iPhone/iPad user, oh and maybe it helped that we bribed him with a free version of the notebook to try out.  So lets see what Will has to say, shall we. About Will:  Will Hopkins enjoys writing with analog tools and reading the Office Supply Geek in his spare … [Read more…]


A few weeks ago I mentioned in the email news letter that we would be doing a series on note taking with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Android Tablet, and I was pretty excited to get going on some experiments and testing with it.  I have to say that as a tablet, the device was fantastic.  The display was bright and sharp, the sound from the speakers was excellent, and the performance was quick and snappy.  The big problem though, the Samsung Note … [Read more…]


Kickstarter has had some pretty cool pen and stylus options in the past, but this new Serene Stylus Pen kind of had me thinking about the lack of innovation and design with a lot of other standard pens. … [Read more…]


I’ve had the unfortunate situation of being in various offices, and public places like airports and coffee shops where there is only one outlet with two plugs and both are taken.  This Portable Extension Cord with USB Charger is the perfect solution to that problem. … [Read more…]


I’ve had a few requests for a review of a capacitive stylus for use on a touchscreen such as an Kindle Fire, Android Tablet, or iPad.  This particular capacitive stylus by AYL seemed like the best available on Amazon when I started reading reviews and doing my research so I thought I’d give it a try. … [Read more…]


  The Kindle Fire is the new Android based tablet from Amazon that has just started arriving in consumers hands as of yesterday.  I was initially hesitant to review it, but a quick survey via our email newsletter got overwhelming response saying that you all wanted to see it reviewed here, and since I really don’t need to have my arm twisted when it comes to buying new toys to play with, I went ahead and pre-ordered one to review here. … [Read more…]


I’ve had my eye on this Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet at ThinkGeek for a while now, so I was just waiting to find some other items to order along with it.  Lets take a look at this unique replacement for a note a note pad or white board. … [Read more…]


Here is a perfect way to literally attach some files to a document, a real document, like a physical one you hold in your hand and not one that ends with a .doc extension.  The Verbatim Clip-It 4GB USB Flash Drive is a really cool little flash drive that anyone could probably find a million uses for. … [Read more…]


A few weeks ago, my friends from Staples sent me some environmentally friendly items to review, including this Staples 4GB Bamboo USB Flash Drive.  I am a big fan of the clean and simple look that you get with bamboo products, so lets take a closer look at this USB flash drive. … [Read more…]


Typically I don’t like to review an office supply product if I can’t get it in my hands to test for myself, so when the nice folks from InkCycle offered to send over some of their grenk remanufactured ink cartridges I was quickly frustrated when I learned that my newer printer was not supported.  Not wanting to turn down the opportunity to review a cool new earth friendly office supply, I decided to share this opportunity with the awesome folks who have … [Read more…]


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