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So every self respecting office supply geek needs a pocket protector right?  I mean thats the old stereotype of a true geek or nerd, but in today’s age of wireless electronics I think there is a more important pocket protector that one should be aware of.  I’ve always been on the fence about the whole EMF and health risk issue, but there have been recent studies that seem to lend more credence to the fact that the radiation emitted from your cell phone has … [Read more…]


I’ve always been the person that completely avoids the 3rd party replacement parts and sticks with OEM replacement parts.  I decided to take the plunge with some generic inkjet replacement cartridges though when the ink for my Canon Pixma 922MX ran out of black ink.  I saw the 20 Pack of Skia Replacement Cartridges for the Pixma 922MX (via Amazon) and for a fraction of the price of the OEM version I figured it was too good of a deal not to give them a … [Read more…]


I feel like I’ve posted a lot about Anker products and accessories lately, and thats probably for good reason.  It seems that every time I find myself in need of some sort of technology accessory, they have one of the best products out there in terms of features and design. This Anker USB 3.0 7 Port Hub with 20W (4A) Power Adapter (via Amazon) is yet another fine product in their line of great computer accessories. … [Read more…]


The TYLT Vu Qi Wireless Charger (via Amazon) is one of the more interesting chargers you will find with its unique shape and bright colors.  Initially I almost skipped over it because I thought it was too flashy and didn’t seem like a serious option.  Eventually I took the plunge and grabbed it regardless of the slightly more expensive price and I’m pretty happy that I did. … [Read more…]


The Rhodia Mouse Pad Note Pad is an item that I’ve probably meant to add to just about every Amazon order I’ve ever placed for the last two years, but somehow I kept forgetting.  I finally remembered to grab it for myself and I’m pretty pleased that I did.  Note that on the top of the cover page the staples on top are just images, this doesn’t actually have any staples on it.  The pages are held together with glued edges. … [Read more…]


The other day when I was shopping online for an external battery for my tablet, the suggestions by Amazon led me to a pretty nice little portable aluminum tablet stand.  At just under $10, I was a little skeptical, but at that price I was also pretty open to giving it a shot just to see. … [Read more…]


This Platinum Mini Ballpoint Pen with Capacitive Stylus was sent over for review, compliments of our friends over at Jetpens.  I was excited to try it out when I first received this because I have only used 1-2 others, so lets take a look at it. … [Read more…]


I had a different post scheduled for today, however the site I was going to link you to for the product appears to be down, so I figured I’d open up conversation on something I’ve been curious about.  For a while I’ve been noticing how popular the Livescribe Smart Pens are.  The pens themselves have a very high user rating on Amazon (4 stars with 136 reviews), and the accessories including the notebooks and refills rank consistently in the list of top … [Read more…]


The Socket Pocket is a simple replacement for your current socket outlet cover that has a pocket attached on its left side.  The concept is that it removes some clutter from your work space or counter top, while putting your phone or other device out of your way. … [Read more…]


    A few weeks ago, the last of the small rubber feet on the bottom of my laptop finally fell off, leaving me with a computer that just slid across any smooth hard surface I was trying to work on.  While looking online for some small replacement feet,  I came across these Cool Feet by Bluelounge that looked like a better solution than just replacing the original feet.  In addition to restoring the grip and traction that  was now gone, … [Read more…]


    Back in May when I went to the National Stationery Show, I saw a few products that I didn’t mention in my write up, and this simple, but cool mobile phone holder was one of them.  It was at the Kikkerland booth, where they also had the Writersblok Bamboo Notebooks that I’ve written about in the past. … [Read more…]


Here is a perfect way to literally attach some files to a document, a real document, like a physical one you hold in your hand and not one that ends with a .doc extension.  The Verbatim Clip-It 4GB USB Flash Drive is a really cool little flash drive that anyone could probably find a million uses for. … [Read more…]


Normally I like to get a photo of the product in its package for my reviews, but for this Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Memory Foam, I completely ruined the package so that wasn’t possible for this review.  For some reason I’ve put off having a mouse pad for years now, so I finally broke down and bought this one when I saw it on Amazon because I was tired of not having one, and taking the finish off of my desk that I probably need to replace anyway. Oh, and … [Read more…]

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