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Office label and storage solutions cool office supplies to help you organize the office


    So I think I’m a sucker for anything that helps to modify or accessorize a notebook in a way to make it more useful.  These (hard to photograph) Avery Note Tabs are just such an item though, so naturally I had to give them a try. … [Read more…]


File labels are something that we have probably all dealt with, I know that personally I’ve found myself either trying to remove or reapply labels, because I made a mistake when writing on them, and it is usually a frustrating exercise.  The folks at Label Once came up with the Erasable File Folder Labels that I picked up from Organize.com as a way to deal with the re-labeling frustration that we have probably all dealt with when it comes to our home … [Read more…]


Its hard to do much thats exciting with shipping labels, but to tell you the truth, what Avery has done with their TrueBlock technology is pretty cool as far as office supplies go.  Id even say that because of what Avery has done with these Shipping Labels these are environmentally friendly in their own way. The cool part about these Avery shipping labels is that you can use them directly over a shipping label from any box or package that you already … [Read more…]


I took a trip to Staples the other day to see what cool new office supplies I could find, and the good people at 3M and Post-it  didnt let me down.  I picked up these Post-it Filing Tabs, they said “New” on the package and I dont remember seeing them before so Ill assume that they are in fact new. … [Read more…]


The 3M company and their Post-it brand is one of the first that always comes to mind when I think about office supplies.  These new Post-it Brand Pockets from them has the familiar characteristic of being a re-stickable (if thats a word) item which is something they have proven to be a leader in manufacturing.  It is different from their Post-it notes though in the fact that this is an aid for organizing rather than being a stationary product.  Much like … [Read more…]


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