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Office organization


When I was searching for cool office supplies on Amazon, something about the Post-it Removable Label Roll really didn’t jump out at me.  I passed them over a few times before giving them a second look, and I think it might have been because of the packaging.  I finally picked up some of the Post-it Brand Removable Label Rolls, which are available in orange, white, green, and yellow so now its time to take a closer look at them. … [Read more…]


Well, it is kind of hard to do an actual review of paper clips, so this is going to be a fairly short one.  I found these unique shaped paper clips on Amazon, they are Conversation Bubble Shaped Paper Clips and Arrow Shaped Paper Clips by Kikkerland.  Somehow I missed the Dog Bone Shaped Paper Clips which I only noticed after I ordered the others. … [Read more…]


I typically struggle with being organized, remembering to do things, and being motivated to do things, so whenever I see a product that looks like it can help organize my life and aid in any of those categories I’m always interested.  This Post-it Weekly Planner (via Amazon) looked to be just that tool for me. … [Read more…]


Here is another item I picked up at the MUJI store in NYC a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately they don’t even have it listed on the site anymore but I still wanted to share it here anyway. … [Read more…]


Here is another cool office supply related item that I found at MUJI on a recent trip into New York.  At first glance I had no idea what the odd looking sticky note pad with notches out of each side was, but then I saw the display with a folded up version that was an envelope…essentially it is a sticky note pad that folds into envelopes, very cool. … [Read more…]


  These Chalkboard labels by Martha Stewart and Avery are exclusive to Staples, and before purchasing them, I was admittedly a bit concerned as to how they might work, as I’m sure many of you might be.  Also, before we get started, just a warning that some of these pictures might look like they are meant for a cooking blog, but I assure you they are my own and I wont try to tell you how to cook on these pages…ever. … [Read more…]


Another item I picked up during my visit to the Muji store in Manhattan are the items you see in the pictures here.  I cant find them on their website, and nothing on the package was in English, so I’ve decided to call them Keyboard Note Tabs.  If you have a better name feel free, or even better if you can find them somewhere online and they have an actual name, let us know. UPDATE –  The Muji Site has them now and they are listed as Keyboard Memo Pads. … [Read more…]


The other day when I was in NYC covering the Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery event at Staples I decided to meander around the area once it was over.  I was glad I did this because I just so happened to come across the awesome Muji store on 8th Avenue.  I have always heard good things about the variety of cool office supplies they had so I figured I would stop in to see what I could pick up.  This was definitely an office supply geeks ultimate window … [Read more…]


Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a promotional event in Manhattan that showcased the new Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery product line available exclusively at Staples.  It was great to see the line described by Martha Stewart herself, so I wanted to share some video of her atthe event with you, along with my initial thoughts on some of the product that I got to take a look at. … [Read more…]


I’ve reviewed different versions of these Post-it Flag Permanent Red Markers before, however I was about to do some major reading and research so I wanted to get myself a tool that would be good for notes on my documents, and easily identifying pages, so I figured that this was the answer. … [Read more…]


Sometimes when I’m looking around for cool office supplies to review, I find something and enthusiastically order it without even doing any further research.  This Magnetic Paper Clip Holder was just one of those situations.  This is a shorter review today, but hopefully it teaches you or reminds you a valuable lesson that I should keep in mind going forward.  Sometimes keeping things short and to the point is the way to go. … [Read more…]


Recently a co-worker who apparently knows me a little too well suggested a calendar that might be appropriate for someone like me.  It was the “I Hate Everything Daily Calendar” by Matthew DiBenedetti.  As soon as I saw it I knew I had to order it and 30 seconds after being told about it, the order confirmation from Amazon was in my email in-box.  I hate the split second of excitement and curiosity I get when I see an email notification, only to remember … [Read more…]


I’ll start off by apologizing for my lack of, and also horrible photography on this review.  Usually I like to use my own pictures so you can see that I’ve actually tested out the products that I am reviewing, but I’m not the best photographer and I do have limited resources and skills.  Trying to photograph a giant shiny white object is a bit beyond my ability here.  With that out of the way, what we are looking at today is the Magic Whiteboard, which is … [Read more…]


So we have an extra little surprise from the good folks at IdeaPaint for giveaway week.  I didn’t originally have this in the schedule for this week, but they have offered up a giveaway of 10 of their “Lil Bit” kits of IdeaPaint dry erase paint.  Each kit is big enough to paint a 3 square foot surface, so its great for small projects or as a trial run for a bigger project.  You can check out our original IdeaPaint review here. … [Read more…]


If you have been reading the blog for any period of time, you will remember that in the past I’ve shared a website with you called Quirky.com.  The website features inventions that are submitted by users, and then it facilitates a process for other users to provide feedback and ideas on things such as the design elements, additional functionality, product name, and tag line.  There is a voting process every step along the way so only the best products, … [Read more…]


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