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Office supply fun


Each year I like to give you some insight into what the top ten most frequently visited posts were for the year as it wraps up.  The results below are based on the Google Analytics reporting for the site, and look at the total number of unique page views since January 1, 2011, and includes all of the reviews on the site, regardless of the year that they were posted.  Next week I will share with you the list of the most popular reviews that were published … [Read more…]


So here is another cool project over on Quirky that you can participate on.  If you are unaware of Quirky, it is basically a social sourced product development website that lets you the participant contribute your knowledge and ideas in order to gain influence, or an actual % of every dollar earned for each unit that is potentially sold that you contributed ideas to, or voted for. … [Read more…]


On Sunday, I had the change to head down to the Philadelphia Pen Show to see some new products and some familiar friends from the office supply industry.  Never having been to the show before, I was not sure what to expect, but it was cool to get to see all of the names and people who you would normally just read about or interact with online. … [Read more…]


Just a few days ago, I published the annual top 10 list of office supply posts based on unique user visits, which I view as kind of like the “viewers choice” awards since it is solely determined by user activity on the site.  With that behind us, it is now time to announce the 2010 editors’ Choice Awards for the Best Office Supplies of the year.  I have decided to keep all of the categories that were used for the 2009 Editors Choice Awards, but this will … [Read more…]


I feel guilty about not having a review, a giveaway, or something really interesting for you today, however I’d feel even more guilty if I didn’t take the time to say thank you to everyone that makes a point of supporting or visiting this site by reading the reviews, contributing a comment, entering a contest, sharing a post with friends, signing up for the newsletter, posting a link to me on their blog, or patronizing one of the many advertisers on the … [Read more…]


It seems like the obligatory thing to do at the end of each year is to compile some top ten lists that look back at the things that we found the most helpful, interesting, surprising, or whatever term  is most appropriate.   With that in mind, I’ve got two slightly different versions of top ten office supply lists for you today.  First up is a breakdown of the most frequently visited posts from 2010 as ranked by the number of unique visitors to that post.  … [Read more…]


I am in a bad spot this week because I lost my camera and SD card on a plane in Texas somewhere, so I am going to try to post some stuff that doesn’t require my personal photography until my new camera shows up.  Hopefully the new camera will show up by Tuesday or Wednesday though, so I should be back to the regular reviews shortly.  Regardless of the camera issues though,  I was planning on giving everyone an update on the good stuff that I got to see at … [Read more…]

I figured I’d mix things up this week and instead of posting a review today, I thought I would share this survey on stealing office supplies that OfficeMax (@officemax on Twitter) conducted.  They did a national phone survey of 593 employed Americans 18 years old and older to discuss their experiences with…or as “Supply-Jackers” … [Read more…]

Here are a few quick links to some unique office supplies and related materials for your weekend reading. Probably one of the cutest office supplies ever, and its also the most environmentally friendly office supply you will ever find. Make your own office supplies, hopefully you can recycle some scraps this way This entire office is pretty green, I just dont understand how it could possibly work I dont understand how this is one of the top … [Read more…]

Nifty over at Notebookstories came up with the great idea of getting a blog carnival started for anyone who has a blog or individual post dedicated to anything pen, paper, or pencil.  The previous two have been hosted by Nifty herself, and Dowdyism over at the Pen Addict. For the month of October, I will be hosting the carnival here at .com.  Im looking forward to all of your submissions, so start thinking about what you would like to … [Read more…]


I picked up these sticky notes with origami instructions printed on them at Blick Art Materials when I was in Berkeley, CA.  The company that makes them has them listed on their website here, but they are based in the UK, so if you are in the US and wanted to pick them up, you could also check them out on Amazon.com, here.  These definitely fit in the cool office supply category. … [Read more…]


As promised, this post will document some of the great office supply related stuff that you can find if you travel to Boston, MA.  I though that the most fitting way to start this post off was with a tribute to a man who was not afraid to use a pen, and use it BIG.  As you probably know, among other things, John Hancock is famous for his large and quite nicely styled signature on The Declaration of Independence.  It was really cool to see his grave site, … [Read more…]


I’ve noticed that office supplies are really everywhere you look, and Washington DC is no exception.  The month of June happens to be full of travel for me this year, last weekend was Washington DC, this weekend is Boston, and the weekend after that will be Vegas.  I figured that full reviews might be a bit hard to squeeze in on my normal 3 a week pace, so I at least want try to and document my travels with whatever I found that was related to office … [Read more…]


So Uniball has a new ad campaign and they are using this really cool looking robot (They appear to be calling him “Uni-Super-Ink Robot) in some of the spots and also on their website. I am taking it up as my official duty to start a petition for Uniball to make and sell a “Uni-Super-Ink Robot” Action Figure. 🙂 You can see him in the video below. If you are honestly interested in Uniball making an action figure of this (ie. you are a huge office supply … [Read more…]

Was not planning on posting anything today, but when I came across this I felt I was obligated to share. 🙂 It is by Trick17Stopmotion and called The Pen is Mightier, it can be found on YouTube, and it is a video of office supplies in a fictitious movie trailer about what else…but office supplies. 🙂 Enjoy…The Pen is Mightier: … [Read more…]


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