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minnie-mouse-moleskine-1024x682-9369354Clearly this Minnie Mouse Moleskine notebook is a bit more female oriented, but its definitely got a very bright, cheerful feel to it that can make you feel like a kid again, and who couldn’t use that feeling when jotting down notes for work.

my-desk-slide-show-sw_-3-07-720x1024-4649117Over at The Well Appointed Desk they link to a Vanity Fair series showing the desks of celebrities, kind of reminds me of my “What’s on Their Desk” series that I started…just sayin’ simple-smile-9261866


I love Brad’s review of the Nakaya Naka-Ai Writer Ao-Tamenuri, almost as much as I love the pen itself.


If you ask me, this grass covered desk is the desk prank to end all desk pranks.


Goldspot Announces their reader selected Pen of the Year for 2013.


Gizmodo has a cool article on what black ink is made from, although there is the sad and almost tragic comment in there about Pilot G2 ink being the best EVAR! I don’t get it.

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