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Seems like it has been a while since I posted some of the interesting links and products that I’ve come across as I look for and blog about office supplies, so here are a few.   Also, dont forget to check out the free office supply giveaway a few posts back, all kinds of good stuff to be had there including Post-it, Stainless Steel Sharpie, Uniball, and Levenger stuff.

  • 9 Ways to Geek your Office – some ridiculous, others more ridiculous than the last, but all pretty cool. simple-smile-5613578
  • A Man’s Office Drawer Essentials – male or female, you will probably find some of your own favorites here.
  • Lee’s Art Shop and a 30 Second Primer to Pens – Pretty cool stuff, especially if you live in NY and can make it there.
  • Artist Hugh MacLeod has some REALLY cool art work on his site, its office supply related because he does some of his work in a Moleskine, and on the back of business cards, but my favorite is his piece that says “We need to talk, After that you need to shut up.” Such a fantastic quote. simple-smile-5613578  Some of his quotes are a bit more um…well if you dont like the f-bomb and such, stay away, but otherwise spend some time looking around because there is a lot of really amazing and creative stuff there.  Also, I see he is on twitter as @gapingvoid
  • If you have never checked out Stepcase Lifehack you should change that now and go take a look.  Lots of creative ideas on productivity and using office supplies to get stuff done.
  • 10 very different computer mice, including a “germ free” one and a “washable” one for you germaphobes or for the other 6,706,992,916 people on this planet who have not contracted the swine flu yet.  And yes, thats some real math…last I saw 236 people had it, and the other number is the best source I could find for the worlds population…now if only all of them were interested in reading blog about office supplies.
  • 15 Strangest Keyboards – not sure what to say about some of these, but they certainly wouldnt be usable or workable as regular daily use keyboards.
  • Sharpie used for interior car design.

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