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This will be my last summary post regarding the National Stationery Show and then we will be back to office supply reviews, and as I said before I do still plan on doing individual reviews of products that I saw there once they become available.  This last post covers some of the products from familiar names that held some surprises for me when I visited their booths in person. … [Read more…]


First things first, I know I promised to get lots of pictures of new office supplies at the National Stationery Show, however I have to say it was not as easy as I had hoped it would be, so I left with exactly zero pictures, but I did get to see plenty of great new items that I am working on getting to review.  I’ve got a bunch of items that I will be posting about over the next few days, no review samples yet though because for the most part the rules of … [Read more…]

With graduation season here, you might be looking for a good gift for the grad that you know, so Ive gathered up some of the sales that have come to my in box. Goldspot Luxury Gifts is offering free standard shipping on any order over $120 and they have a nice section on graduation specific gifts. I’m surprised that they dont list their filofax products in that section, I think a nice organizers like the filofax ones make great gifts for someone … [Read more…]


I am happy to say that I will be attending The National Stationery Show in NYC this weekend, and according to their website there will be about 1,000 vendors there.  Ill be attending on Sunday, so hopefully I will have a bunch of news and photos of new stationery and office supplies to share with all of you next week…as long as I also survive my birthday celebration of beer at Valhalla and BBQ at Daisy May’s.  Ill probably also try to check out Muji … [Read more…]

Seems like it has been a while since I posted some of the interesting links and products that I’ve come across as I look for and blog about office supplies, so here are a few.   Also, dont forget to check out the free office supply giveaway a few posts back, all kinds of good stuff to be had there including Post-it, Stainless Steel Sharpie, Uniball, and Levenger stuff. 9 Ways to Geek your Office – some ridiculous, others more ridiculous than the last, … [Read more…]


OSG News from the Web SmartMoney’s small business site has a great article about Chad Doane, creator of Doane Paper.  It also features everyone’s favorite pen blogger, The Pen Addict and even has a quote from some guy that blogs about office supplies. The Stainless Steel Sharpies are now available and shipping from Amazon.  Thanks again to @sharpiesusan for providing me with the Stainless Steel Sharpie for my review below. There seems to be a lot … [Read more…]

  General Pen and Office Supply Stuff: The Sharpie blog has an awesome post and picture about their new Stainless Steel Sharpie that is yet to come out, but the thing is AWESOME and I cant wait to get one.  I’m hoping to be able to buy one as soon as they are available and do a post on it.  They are nice because they will have refills for them, so they are environmentally friendly, and they just look really cool.  Sharpie Blog has been added under … [Read more…]

Some quick office supply related blogs from around the internet: Everyone’s favorite pen blogger, The Pen Addict has some really interesting pen reviews coming up on pens that most of us are not lucky enough to get easily, he has a contact in Japan who gets him some cool stuff. The Pen Addict is always a fantastic read.   Aliya S. King has a REALLY awesome post on her DayTimer Planner with lots of pictures and specific examples of how she uses it. … [Read more…]

A few quick links before my next review that I will probably post tomorrow this weekend…broke my mouse…angry. 🙁   -Sharpie has some really cool interactive advertisements that lets you create your own legal grafiti. -Pen Trick Fail has been all over the web, but very funny if you have not seen it yet. -If you like Fisher Space Pens, then this site is worth checking out, they have many variations to pick from. -Engraveyourbook.com … [Read more…]

-The Pen Addict has a great list up of his top 10 pen reviews for 2008. I’m looking forward to seeing what great stuff he has in store for us in 2009. -This interesting video appears to be some sort of advertisement (although it seems long for that) for Pilot Pens. It shows what looks like their entire product line that Pilot offers, and some of the footage shows the assembly line so you can see how some of the pens are made. -Using a Sharpie for a … [Read more…]

The Pen Guy has a great site where you can see his previous projects where he recycled old disposable pens. He is currently looking to collect 1,000,000 more pens to work on projects to re-use and recycle the vast waste generated by disposable pens. Great site, you should take a look, and help him out if you can. Handmade Fusion has a fancied up and gift-boxed Pilot G2 for sale. InventorSpot has a list called “10 Quirky Pencils, Pens, And Funky … [Read more…]


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