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Office Supply News New Products, Sales, and a Few Updates


Some Office Supply New Products, Sales, and Site Updates:

  • Yesterday our newsletter went out announcing both winners of our monthly giveaway, and we only got a response from one of the winners, so go check your email to see if you are missing out!
  •  A reminder for those of you that didn’t see it in our email newsletter or anywhere else, there are some new Disney Moleskine Journals scheduled to come out at the end of February.
  • I recently mentioned that I had bought and returned a Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet because the S Note software that did handwriting to text conversion kept crashing, so there are two developments there that have me thinking I’ll probably give this experiment another shot, but maybe not until the new 8″ version comes out: 1. It appears that Samsung has updated the S Note application, and according to some users, it seems to have solved the crashing problem.

    2.  I was happy to see this story over at Engadget regarding Samsung actually buying a 5% position in the company Wacom who makes the specialized and highly precise stylus used in the Galaxy Note product line.  Clearly this is good news and an indication that Samsung intends to remain focused on handwriting and their tablets.

  • Check out Levenger.com if you have your eye on anything, they have free shipping sitewide with no minimum purchase for a limited time right now with the code Ship2013.

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