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OfficeMax Private Brand Writing Products and Back to School Giveaway

OfficeMax Private Brand Writing Tools

Our friends from OfficeMax provided us with some free samples of their new line of OfficeMax private brand writing products that include liquid gel ink pens, liquid highlighters, and mechanical pencils.  In addition to a closer look at each of these, the kind folks at OfficeMax have agreed to supply another set of all three items as a giveaway to one of our lucky readers, just in time for back to school season.

OfficeMax Liquid Highlighters

OfficeMax Liqid Highlighters

There is something about the clear bodies and black labels on these OfficeMax Liquid Highlighters that gives them a vibrant and bold visual appeal.  I’m assuming that there is some psychology behind designing them like this.  Subconsciously I guess we look at them and think how stark of a contrast the fluorescent colors are against the black and we apply that to what we think it will look like against text when they are in use.

OfficeMax Liquid Ink Highlighter Writing Sample

Here is a writing sample of the OfficeMax Liquid Ink Highlighters on some Doane Paper and also on a sheet of glossy magazine paper.  Overall these preformed pretty well even if the yellow is a bit difficult to see here.  In reality the yellow showed up much better than represented in this scan.  They do a good job of leaving behind some vivid colors and without saturating the paper.  I’ve seen highlighters before that make the paper pucker and get soaked with ink and these are definitely not going to do that to you.  They were pretty comfortable to write with and I especially liked the caps.  The caps post and close tightly and you get a good responsive feel when you put the cap in place so you are sure it isn’t going anywhere once you start highlighting.

OfficeMax Mechanical Pencils

OfficeMax Mechanical Pencils

The OfficeMax Mechanical Pencils have nice brightly colored and color coordinated accents in the grip sections and matching erasers.  I was a little bit worried about the eraser performance when I saw they were color coordinated.  I was assuming that performance might have been sacrificed to get the visual appeal but that was definitely not the case.  If you look at the writing sample below you will see that the erasers on these actually do quite a good job.  In addition to the color coordinated erasers and grips, these mechanical pencils are also hiding a nice little surprise feature.  In the photo above you can see the metal sleeve extending with the led coming out of it.  You might notice that on the other pencils you do not see that.  The metal sleeve itself is actually retractable too so that it doesn’t ruin your pocket by poking through it.

Writing Samples with All of the Office Max products.

OfficeMax Gel Ink Pens

OfficeMax Gel Ink Pens

The OfficeMax gel ink pens come in a .5 and .7mm size and the one you see here in use is the.7mm version.  It performed fairly well, and definitely lays down a very bold and solid colored line.  I did find that the pen has a slight tip rattle when writing with it, and the ink definitely takes quite a bit of time to dry.  I was surprised to see that in come cases the ink took well over 4 minutes to dry.  I found this to be the case mostly on Black n’ Red paper which typically does have a little longer dry time associated with inks on it, but 4 minutes is well beyond what I was epecting.  I think that might be the trade off for such a wet and smooth flowing pen though. I think that for the most part this set of new pens, pencils, and highlighters from OfficeMax do a reasonable job. My gut tells me they are definitely aimed for the less picky every day user though.  You wont get the same high end look and performance from this line as you get from the OfficeMax TUL line, but they definitely get the job done and are probably ideal for your back to school needs.

OfficeMax Private Brand Writing Product Giveaway Rules and Notes

Office Max Pen Highlighter and Mechanical Pencil

As I mentioned before, our friends at OfficeMax are being kind enough to give away a package of their new OfficeMax Private Brand Writing Products to one lucky reader.  Each reader has up to three chances to enter the contest and each entry requires a separate comment to be left below.  You are entering to win one package of everything you saw above in the first photo.  Please do not combine all of your entries into one comment. Some quick rules to win your own OfficeMax Private Brand Writing Products: 1. Entrants must be US residents. 2. All comments must be left by Sunday, August 18th at 5PM eastern time. 3. The winner will be announced on the site only on Tuesday, August 19th. Here are the details on how you can enter to win your own set of each of these items: 1.  Leave a comment on the thread below for your first entry 2. Share the following on Twitter then come back here and leave a second comment along with a link to your status update on Twitter: “Win some back to school supplies from @OfficeMax and @OfficeSupplyGee http://goo.gl/GSVryz” 3. Sign up for our email newsletter and leave a comment letting us know that you have done so.  If you signed up previously that counts as well, just leave a comment. Good luck to everyone and thanks again to the folks at OfficeMax for making this back to school giveaway and review possible

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