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Cool Office Supplies and Pen Reviews

This pocket sized (5″x3.3″) Life Noble Notebook Mini Ring from our friends at JetPens (buy here) is probably one of the nicer notebooks you can buy for your money, if you aren’t concerned about price.  Not that it will set you back a ton of money, but this is definitely a case of getting what you pay for, so keep that in mind if you are considering this or any alternative in the same category of a premium pocket notebook.  Also, just a quick reminder that this notebook was acquired as part of … [Continue reading…]


Announcing our July 2017 Giveaway winner, and the lowest price ever on a pack or 12 Sharpie Pens.

[Continue reading…] field-notes-campfire-edition-covers-150x150-5968095

The Field Notes Campfire edition is the newest quarterly release from the folks at Field Notes and they come with a Campfire patch to commemorate the edition.

[Continue reading…] baron-fig-raspberry-honey-box-150x150-7909941

The Baron Fig Raspberry Honey limited edition comes with a nice little surprise short story included with it.

[Continue reading…] notetower-arms-out-150x150-8402632

The NoteTower line of products are designed to help give you an easy way to hold papers or documents next to your computer so you can look at them while working.

[Continue reading…] fisher-space-pen-backpacker-nasa-150x150-3907278

The Fisher Space Pen Backpacker is a new offering that makes for a great alternative to the Fisher Space Pen Trekker if you want a key chain or EDC pen that can stand up to all kinds of harsh conditions.

[Continue reading…] field-notes-campfire-3-150x150-3443666

Field Notes Campfire Giveaway Winner

[Continue reading…] baron-fig-nomad-sticky-notes-3-pack-150x150-3219193

The Baron Fig Nomad Sticky Note comes in a dot grid format and is one of the few sticky notes with rounded corners out there.

[Continue reading…] baron-fig-prismatic-open-150x150-4652965

The new Baron Fig Prismatic Pencils are the first new release since the troubled Snakes and Ladders. They are a fun and vibrantly colored pencil worth taking spin with in your favorite notebook.

[Continue reading…] g2-and-sharpie-highlighters-150x150-1144074

Announcing our June 2017 JetPens gift card winner

[Continue reading…] pilot-precise-v5-pink-purple-and-turquoise-bodies-150x150-1727498

The Pilot Precise V5 Pink Purple and Turquoise make nice additions to the incredibly nice writing and reliable standard color lineup of this amazing pen. Just be aware of the weird pricing dynamic that we point out here in the review before you purchase them.

[Continue reading…] baron-fig-clear-sky-vanguard-stacked-150x150-4839067

Baron Fig Clear Skies Giveaway Winner

[Continue reading…] muji-aluminum-fountain-pen-weight-150x150-5139182

The MUJI Aluminum Fountain Pen is a surprisingly strong offering at such a minimal price point and should be considered for the beginner or even as an every day bring it everywhere type fountain pen for even more seasoned users.

[Continue reading…] rhodia-staplebound-pocket-notebook-and-sharpie-pen-150x150-2047205

The Rhodia Staplebound Pocket Notebook is probably an essential EDC item that many people don’t realize they need in their lives. Its a simple pocket notebook with a waterproof cover and 29 pages of fountain pen friendly paper.

[Continue reading…] cuaderno-front-cover-150x150-8472543

The Cuaderno Notebook by Notebook sand journals is not something for the discerning notebook user. Come check out the pictures and writing sample to see why.

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