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Featured on the Pilot Pen Blog


OSG on the Pilot Pen Blog

Naturally I was pretty excited when the good folks at Pilot asked if they could feature me on their Power to the Pen “Think in Ink” blog, but I didn’t know who else would be featured on there at the time.  To my surprise when I looked at the site I saw that I was perched there in internet perpetuity (or until the domain registration runs out) with Brett McKay, the founder of the awesome blog The Art of Manliness.


Once I got past thinking how cool it was to be featured alongside someone with such an amazingly successful and popular blog, I quickly realized a somewhat terrifying thought as well.  It struck me that I was now featured wearing a bow tie on a site next to a guy that has actually written about and made videos on how to properly tie and wear a bow tie, something about that is a little intimidating.  I did want to put that picture up there though because I’ve frequently had people ask if the cartoon character in the blog’s logo was actually me and if I actually wear bow ties.  So the answer to both of those questions is yes as you can now see.

Thanks to the folks at Pilot for thinking enough of the blog to want to include us in this feature.  My quote on the site references the Pilot Precise V7 although I now stick to the thinner tipped V5.  You should head on over to the site and check out all of the other people featured as there are some pretty awesome and talented folks there, which makes me wonder why my face is wasting pixels over there but I guess I wont complain. 😉  Also check out the Art of Manliness how to tie a bow tie video.

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