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social-media-1024x682-5092451A while back I promised I’d do a post to clarify how we are using all of our different email subscription lists and social media accounts, so I figured that today was as good a day as any to do so.  For each method described below you can also click on the icon or links to partake.

email-6535481  E-mail is probably the most popular and comprehensive way to stay informed with whats happening here on the blog.  We have several email options, the first two here are simple feeds of blog posts to your in-box.  We don’t sell these lists to anyone, and we make it easy for you to unsubscribe if you get tired of hearing from us.  They do not sign you up for our twice monthly giveaway, we will get to that later.

  1. Daily Email Posts – Every time we publish a new post, you get a new email in your in-box…typically 3x a week.
  2. Weekly Email Posts – Each Friday you will get an email that compiles the posts from the previous week into one email.

tumblr-6243783   Tumblr is a platform I never thought we would use, but its turned out to be a great alternative method to share stuff that we usually wouldn’t be able to fit into the blog schedule.  These aren’t necessarily reviews, but more just ways to highlight things like unique and cool office supplies that we can’t or won’t get to review like this 1TB Flash Drive.  We also share the occasional special sale from some of our favorite sources for cool office supplies, or fun and interesting news stories that relate to cool office supplies.  From time to time we will also use Tumblr to remind our contest winners to get in touch with us if we haven’t heard from them.

facebook-5861238  Facebook has been one of our main methods for sharing new posts with our followers.  We know that not everyone has the time or remembers to check the blog on a regular basis, but many of you ARE on Facebook regularly to keep up with your friends, family, and other things that you enjoy.  We try to share every new post here, but just like you we are only human and forget sometimes, but not every one of you will see every post we put on Facebook either.  The way Facebook works is that if you don’t click on the post, like the post, or comment on the post, eventually you will no longer see the posts when they are shared because the posts basically get deemed unimportant.  Not only is it helpful in making sure you continue to see our posts in your Facebook feed, but it also helps give us feedback and insight into the things you enjoy seeing, so feel free to like, share and comment on Facebook to help us improve our content for you.

googleplus-8159944  Google+ is another alternative for those of you (like myself) that are somewhat anti-Facebook in your personal lives.  The same goes here as it does for Facebook.  We try to share all of our new posts here, and any sharing, +1 ‘ing, or commenting helps us to refine what we write about and review.  It is also a great place for you to share things with us that you find interesting or want us to review.

instagram-2391262  Instagram is another option we didn’t think we would really explore, but we have had fun with it sharing pictures of upcoming reviews sort of as a sneak peek for our loyal followers.  Its also a great place to see what all of you are using and enjoying when it comes to your favorite stationery and office supplies, you definitely inspire us for future reviews with what you share here.

twitter-8247916  Twitter is another option to just get a straight feed of our new posts each day.  Its also a great and quick way to get in touch with us for quick questions, review requests, and contest updates.

pinterest-2678424  Pinterest is admittedly a channel that we have not been diligent about keeping updated for our followers, so we need to do better there.  The objective here though is to categorize and present our favorite items out of all the reviews we have done.  its kind of a visual top 10 list…or however many number of items we decide to include.  Follow us over there to see things like our favorite fountain pens and favorite cool office supplies.

rss2-4205751  RSS feeds for each of our posts can be subscribed to so you can read them in your favorite reader like feedly.

giveaway-banner-small-e1376688110882-150x150-9934665  Our twice monthly giveaway and newsletter is an option that many of you love because you get a chance to win free stuff.  This email newsletter contains different content from any of our emails and social media accounts.  They are typically short blurbs about product sales or cool products that might not make it across our review desk.  You will get about 2 emails per month from this address and also have the chance to win a Goldspot.com fountain pen prize pack, or a $25 JetPens gift card.  We do this every month when you are signed up, so be sure to sign up and check those emails when they come to see if you are one of our winners.  Don’t be one of the people that passes up their chance for one of these great products.

I think that covers it for now, but I’m sure the next big social media tool comes along, and when that happens we will probably shun it for a while and then reluctantly adopt it once the rest of the world has cornered us into doing it.

I look forward to seeing more of you join us on your favorite social network listed above, and don’t be shy about liking, sharing, and especially commenting on posts so we can continue to improve our content for you.

©2017, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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