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Ohto Fude Ball Roller Ball Pen 1.5 mm


Ohto Fude Roller Ball Pen – 1.5 mm with Cap Posted

When I saw the Ohto Fude Ball Roller Ball Pen – 1.5 mm I had initially passed it over as just being another roller ball, and then I did a double take when I saw the 1.5mm tip size.  Although I usually prefer my pen tips to be .5mm and below, I can’t pass up something this far beyond the normal 1mm-ish upper end of the normal range.


Ohto Fude Ball Roller Ball Pen – 1.5 mm Tip

As you can see from the close up of the tip above, a 1.5mm tip is even just visually a much larger tip than most are used to on a gel ink pen.  The massive stub at the end of this pen lays down a thick and smooth line of bright bold red ink that you absolutely can’t miss.  You can also see that it has a pretty standard grip section to it, which is pretty comfortable and easy to hang onto.


Ohto Fude Ball Roller Ball Pen – 1.5 mm vs .5mm Tip

Here is a quick picture to compare the size of the Ohto Fude Ball Roller Ball Pen 1.5mm tip to a .5mm ballpoint pen tip.  Obviously the Ohto is massive in comparison.


Ohto Fude Ball Roller Ball Pen – 1.5 mm writing sample

Ohto Fude ball roller ball 1.5mm writing experience.

Writing with the Ohto 1.5mm tip proved to be a really fun experience.  The best description I can come up with is that writing with this pen must be what it would feel like to finger paint using oil as paint, on a canvas of ice.  In other words, this pen writes REALLY smoth.  My normal writing tendency is to keep my letters small and confined, but writing with this pen makes me wish that I had notebooks the size of a full newspaper that I could write take ridiculously huge notes in.  My only reservation about this pen is that one would have to assume that the ink is going to run out more quickly than a similar pen with a .5mm, or .7 mm tip since it is about 3 time  and 2 times larger respectively.  Either way though, if you like a big fat tip on your pens, or just really love the feel of a smooth point gliding across the page, the Ohto Fude Ball Roller Ball Pen in the 1.5mm tip is one that you should really try out.  Oh, and before I leave you contemplating the purchase of this pen, you should also know that besides the red version I tested here, it also comes in black.

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