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Ohto Sharp Pencil Wooden Mechanical Pencil


The Ohto Sharp Pencil Wooden Mechanical Pencil Full Body

The Ohto Sharp Mechanical Pencil is a unique pencil and I bet you cant tell why just from looking at the picture above.  My best guess is that you might be able to figure it out if you read the title of the post.  If you have not figured it out yet keep reading.  One quick note first though because I want to thank our friends over at JetPens for providing this item free of charge for the review here.


Ohto Sharp Pencil Close Up

So whats the big deal?  Well it is actually a wooden mechanical pencil that looks like a regular pencil.

In the above photo you can see the big surprise about this pencil.  The Ohto Sharp Pencil is actually a mechanical pencil that has a body that is entirely made of wood so it looks like a regular pencil.  The only part that might give it all away with a close inspection is the brass cone on the tip where the led advances from.  You can see this if you click on the photo above and can also get a good look at the wood grain in the tip of this mechanical pencil.


Ohto Sharp Wooden Mechanical Pencil Body Close

Even the detail like the gold text stamped on the body help to mask the fact that this wooden body actually disguises a mechanical pencil underneath it all.  In general I’m not a big fan of pencils myself but in trying to be objective I will say that this one writes fairly well and the eraser does a respectable job.  My only real beef with the pencil is that it is quite rattly.  Most of the rattle comes from the metal encasing on the eraser and the metal ferrule that wraps around the top wood part of the pencil.

The Ohto Sharp Mechanical Pencil is definitely a pretty cool pencil for its visual appeal and trickery but that excessive rattle is something that would probably bug me to the point of not wanting to use this if I were a bit pencil user.  Now this doesn’t mean it might be annoying to you but the rattle is just one of my pet peeves that really gets to me even when its only a minor issue.  Oh and thanks to the folks at JetPens for sending this over free of charge for this review.

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