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Older generation not keen on giving up the booze to lose weight

  • By Eric Daniel
  • Published 01/31/2013

Research conducted by Slim Fast, one of the UK’s best-loved weight-loss brands, suggests only a third of 55-64 year olds (34%) would be willing to give up drinking alcohol as part of a diet plan, despite this being one of the easiest ways to start to slim down. Surprisingly, this older audience is much less keen to give up booze than the UK’s youngsters, with almost twice as many (64%) 18-24 year olds claiming they are happy to ditch the drink to lose weight, counter to reports of a so-called irresponsible generation.

The research was conducted as part of a wider exploration of New Year’s Resolutions, which shows that weight loss is still the most popular New Year’s Resolutions for all ages. The top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for 2013 are:

  1. To lose weight
  2. To do more exercise
  3. To spend less money
  4. To travel more
  5. To not stress over money

Despite 34% of us making resolutions to kick-start our New Year positively, we may actually be embarking on a guilt-ridden 2013 by setting ourselves up to fail. Out of those choosing to lose weight next year, only 5% believe this goal is ‘easy’ to achieve. In fact over half of us (57%) give up by February anyway, shunning exercise and gorging on comfort food instead.

Albane Jeanbin, brand manager for Slim Fast, believes the brand has the ideal solution and says ‘if you are looking to lose weight then joining Slim Fast – for free – will ensure you have all the necessary tools at your fingertips, as well as like-minded people to talk to when you feel like giving up. If you sign up to our free diet programme via our website (http://www.slimfast.co.uk) you’ll get access to our fantastic calorie counter, meal planner and members forum. You will also find information on Slim.Fast products available to help you achieve your weight-loss goals in a healthy and balanced way.’

Other interesting facts highlighted in the research include:

56% of respondents are making even more drastic decisions to change careers or change their partners (36%) because they are looking at their futures and want to achieve something amazing in 2013

Twice as many women (40%) think that sticking to a New Year’s Resolution of losing weight is ‘hard’ in comparison with 20% of men

Spending time with family was seen as the easiest New Year’s Resolution to stick to (32% easy and 20% really easy) but this only came in at No.7 in our top ten New Year’s Resolutions for 2013.

Women are more affected by a lack of willpower (66%) in comparison to men (47%) when failing to stick to a New Year’s Resolution of losing weight

Slim.Fast nutritionist, Fiona Hunter, says; ‘No matter what your New Year’s Resolution is, it’s important to give yourself the best chance of success by having a structured plan and people around you that can offer advice and support when you really need it.

‘Losing weight shouldn’t be hard work and it certainly shouldn’t be boring – if it is, you’re much more likely to give up after just a few weeks.

‘List all the benefits you can think of if you manage to stick to your resolution, for example better health, more confidence etc. Stick the list somewhere you will see it every day to help keep yourself motivated.’

About the Author : Eric Daniel is writing about a Diet plan



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