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On avoiding the radiation from mobile phones

  • By Elizabeth Braxton
  • Published 11/30/2010
  • Article Writing

With the development of science and technology, mobile phones have been indispensable to people. In order to better communicate and keep in touch with each other, even children and the old have their mobile phones. To a great extent, mobile phones make life better, easier and more convenient. However, as every coin has two sides, the radiation from mobile phones is harmful to people’s health. The radiation is, in fact, the electromagnetic wave by which messages are transmitted. Harmfulness caused by it includes the damage to brains, the emergence of Alzheimer’s dementia, Parkinson disease, etc. Thus, we should avoid the mobile phone radiation as much as possible. Here are my ideas of avoiding the radiation when we use mobile phones.   First of all, we should keep mobile phones away from our bodies if we do not have calls. Men usually put them in trousers pockets, while women often hang them around necks. In such ways, radiation will harm people’s health directly. Some people get used to putting mobile phones beside the pillows when they go to sleep, because it is more convenient to know the time or messages. Experts point out that the radiation has great damage to brains. Although we turn off our mobile phones, the radiation exists and its bad effect does not weaken.   Secondly, we should avoid the radiation when we make calls. After we dial a number, there is usually an interval of several seconds before we get through. During the interval, it is better to hold the mobile phone away from ears. Furthermore, frequent movements will cause much radiation in a short period as the movements result in the instability of strong and weak signals.   Thirdly, radiation does more harm to us when we make long-time calls. Using telephones or wearing earphones can avoid the radiation more effectively, if we need to talk with others for a long time. Children, pregnant women and the old should pay more attention to this matter. Finally, using radiation-proof mobile phone covers is an available way. Most of the covers are made of metal fibre and cloth which can avoid the radiation. At present, mobile phones of CDMA technique are popular among young people. Those mobile phones are also named “green mobile phones” , for they are radiation-proof. To protect ourselves from the radiation, there are still many methods we should know. I believe that more and more radiation-proof techniques will be applied to mobile phones.


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