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On selecting satisfying diamond rings

  • By Donald Medrano
  • Published 01/27/2011
  • Writing

Diamond ring is the dream ring of most women, because it is elegant and exquisite. More importantly, diamond ring expresses love and romance. Therefore, everyone wants to own a perfect diamond ring. However, selecting satisfying diamond ring is not as easy as people think. There are many aspects we should take into careful consideration. In the line of diamond ring, the jargon “four C” is applied to select and evaluate diamond rings. First “C”—Cut It is well known that diamond is original and rough before it is exploited. Thus, the shining diamond rings sold in the market are processed by fine workmanship. Professional cutters can make the diamond rings glossy as clean mirrors. When selecting the diamond ring, we should pay attention on the shape and the cutting lines. If the diamond ring is round and has 58 clear cutting lines, we can confirm that it is of fine cutting. Second “C”—Color Have you noticed what color the diamond ring is? Diamond, like pure water, is colorless. Sometimes, we will find yellow diamond rings. Experts point out that colorless diamond ring is the best. In jewelry shops, there are different colored diamond rings, which are placed in order according to their colors. In this way, customers can distinguish the colors easily to select their favorites.    Third “C”—Clarity Clarity shows the amount of impurities. It sounds a little sad that it is impossible to buy diamond rings without any impurities, because diamond is endowed with impurities. As a result, diamonds are divided into different levels, among which “LC” level is considered as purity. Therefore, we can judge the diamond rings with their clarity level. Fourth “C”—Carat Weight “Carat” is the weight unit of the diamond ring. It is often mentioned when people buy diamond rings. Some people like to boast the weight of their rings. They think that a ring of 3 carats is definitely better than that of 2 carats. However, this is a misconception. The weight of a diamond ring is not the only criterion to distinguish the good one from others, but it has a great impact on the value of the ring. Thus, we should know clearly how much does the ring weigh and make sure that the weight is accurate. With the four “C”, we can select the most satisfying diamond rings more easily. What’s more, the first impression of the diamond ring is important, as it reflects your first feeling of the diamond ring.



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