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On selling wallets

  • By Edward Smith
  • Published 12/23/2010
  • Poetry

Wallet is considered a necessity by a lot of people. Markets are flooded with all kinds of wallets and customers have many choices when they buy their favorite ones. However, as far as the sellers are concerned, the phenomenon is not always good. To persuade customers to buy your products requires different selling skills. If I were a seller of wallets, I would try my best to promote the products with the following skills. First of all, I would spend much time remembering the features and functions of all my products. Wallets are made of various materials¡ªleather, canvas, denim and so on. Each material has its characteristic. Some are durable and washable, while others should be kept in good conditions. Being familiar with all these materials’ characteristics can clear up customers’ doubts about the products. Secondly, I think careful observation is necessary. Customers at different ages have dissimilar selections of wallets. The youth like the latest ones as they want to be the leader of fashion. On the other hand, the old like durable ones. Besides, wallets are of different sizes and shapes, so I would first ask them what kind of wallets they like. When promoting my products, I would recommend the most suitable wallets to my customers rather than the most expensive ones according to their preferences. Most customers like to bargain over the price. Thus, making some concessions is avoidless. Last but not least, good service is very important in promoting wallets. Politeness to customers is required. No matter the deal is done or not, good attitude towards customers will leave a deep impression on them and they will probably come again. Furthermore, I would tell customers how to maintain the wallets they buy. In conclusion, sellers should make efforts to help customers buy what they want. In order to establish long-term business relations with customers, sellers should improve the quality of products and the service as well.


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