Без рубрики

On the Road


Just doing some traveling for a few days so I’m not able to get a new review up for you Monday, but I’m excited that I’ll actually get to use my new Saddleback Leather Passport Wallet for my trip, so maybe I’ll have some more updates for that review once I am back.

In the mean time I just wanted to remind/update everyone on the Monthly Giveaways and Newsletter.  Normally the email would have gone out this Sunday, but with my traveling that isn’t possible, so if you are not already signed up you should really click that link above and sign yourself up. If you aren’t familiar with the contest, its pretty simple.  Every month we send two emails with some fun content, like cool office supplies that we won’t be able to review, a sneak peek at upcoming reviews, and exclusive giveaways and opportunities for guest reviews.  The two giveaways are the $25 Jetpens.com gift card and the Goldspot giveaway where you get to pick a Lamy Safari fountain pen, Rhodia Notebook, and your choice of fountain pen ink.  Each month there will be one different winner for each of those packages, so be sure to sign up.  We will be back on Monday and you can expect the new email newsletter to come out before the end of this week.

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