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One of my special experiences of shopping online

  • By Tinker Mcdowell
  • Published 03/2/2011
  • Non-Fiction

As a Fashion  Daren, I always am shopping online, especially buying clothes and  shoes. In this period, interesting and disturbing things always happen.  Now my dear friends, gorgeous women and handsome men, I’m here to tell  you one of my special experiences.   About  one year ago, I bought a pair of shoes online. It generally takes one  to three days to express to me. But my shoes hadn’t appeared yet after  my five_ days’ expectation. Nervous and anxious, I called the  shopkeeper. But she said that the shoes had already been delivered.   “But where are they now? I did not get them.” I shouted at her.   “Don’t  worry about it, Miss. I promise to you that you will receive them. I am  sure about it. Now let me check how this is going, ok?”   Hearing that, I had no other choice but waiting for the shopkeeper’s call.   After five minutes, my telephone rang. She said she gave the wrong telephone number to the fast  courier. It was for this reason that I had not received my package.  Besides it, the young shopkeeper expressed her apology to me. “It was my  fault in work and I beg your pardon. As compensation, you will receive  your new shoes and a little present from my shop within three days.  Whatever, please excuse me.”   Two  days later, I got my package. It was a pair of new shoes and a delicate  necklace. I was moved and I forgived her totally, though I was very  angry at her fault at the first time. Thought about of it, if I were the  shopkeeper and I wrote the wrong number, I also wish for my customer’s  forgiveness.   So everyone, forgive the mistakes of others as much as possible and be kind to everyone. God will smile on you.



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