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One of the greatest weight loss success stories

  • By Charlie Browning
  • Published 03/6/2012

Now I’ve heard my fair share of weight loss success stories, but I think mine is up there with the best of them.

It all started four years ago when I went to the dog pound to find a puppy to give a home to. It didn’t take long before I found my dog soul-mate, Growler. A tiny Corgi from a broken home, it had to be mine.

As the months went by our bond went from strength to strength, Growler was my puppy soul mate, we were inseparable.

Until one dark day, Growler was taken from me. We were out the park, just a causal relaxing Sunday. I fell asleep in the sunshine and when I awoke Growler was gone. She’d been stolen!

The following months were so sombre, my inability to come to terms with the loss of Growler, saw me binge eating at a remarkable rate. I had a problem, but I was blind to it. Until I visited my friend Cherie in the hospital two years later, I couldn’t get through the door-frame. It was a wake up call. I knew I needed to change my lifestyle. Growler wasn’t coming back.

I completely cut chocolate from my diet and got a gym membership, my friend Ollie and I went to the gym daily. He was a real rock for me. He enlightened me about some of the other gym-goers, I heard about others weight loss success stories and was inspired by what I heard. I knew I could do this.

Through my motivation and the burning memory of Growler on my mind I hit the treadmill day after day and completely changed my diet. No amount of sweat and lettuce can bring Growler back, but I’m pretty sure she’s up in Dog Heaven having a great time and there is no reason for me not to do the same here on planet earth.

About the Author: Charlie Browning is a writer and fan of weight loss success stories.


About the Author: Charlie Browning


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