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Online Calligraphy Set Black Tango Fountain Pen


Online Calligraphy Pen with 2 of 3 Nibs

This Online Calligraphy Set Black Tango Fountain Pen was sent to me compliments of our friends at Goldspot, and it is the first real calligraphy pen I’ve used so I was a bit apprehensive when I first realized I had to expose my horrible handwriting in big bold fashion to the world.


Online Calligraphy Pen Box Closed

I’ve always enjoyed the aesthetics of all of the Online brand pens, and in this case, even the box that it comes in is pretty cool looking.  The box that the Online Calligraphy Set comes in is made of wooden dowels that are held together with string.  Although it is wood it has a very flexible nature to it that reminds me of a sushi rolling mat if you have ever seen one of those.


Online Calligraphy Pen Magnets

Hidden nicely in the flap of the box are three magnets that are spread evenly across it.  These line up with three corresponding magnets on the front that  help keep it shut.  The magnets are pretty strong so it keeps things closed up nicely.


Online Calligraphy Pen all Nibs Close Up

The Online Calligraphy Set comes with 3 easily changed nibs.  There is a 1.1mm, a 1.5mm and a big fat 1.9mm and it comes with a mix of black and brown ink cartridges.  Personally I really like the brown because of the shading and the fact that it has sort of an old timey look and feel to it.  I feel like I should be writing on parchment or some sort of dead animal skin when I use that ink and I think it looks awesome as you will see in the writing sample shortly.

Online Calligraphy Set Writing Sample.


Online Calligraphy Pen Writing Sample

So here is what I was living in fear of, and it actually turned out much better than I thought it would.  Writing with Online Calligraphy set was probably one of the most fun writing experiences I’ve had since starting the blog.  Whenever I get a new pen, one of the first things I do is obsessively sign my name on a few sheets of paper over and over to get the in flowing and to get a feel for how the pen writes.  I also do it because I like to pretend I’m famous and signing lots of autographs for all of my adoring fans.  Going through those motions with this pen was an absolutely fantastic experience, the ink flowed super smoothly and I was able to get lots of great looking flared, thin, and nicely shaded lines.

My only issue at all with the pen was easily resolved by not writing with the cap posted which goes against my normal style.  The reason I had to do this was because the cap posts with a nice snap, however it does not post tightly and you can feel it rattle a bit when you write.  It is not a huge amount of play up there when you write with it posted, but that is just something that bothers me personally.  Besides that, the pen has a very nice solid feel and is well constructed, but beware that it is also a slightly heavy pen.  Not so heavy that it is too much to write with, but just more of a sturdy heavy feel, which I like.  Swapping out the nibs is accomplished very easily with a few quick twists and the snapping in of an ink cartridge.

As I said at the start, I’ve never used a real calligraphy pen before, so I don’t have a great benchmark to compare to, but the Online Calligraphy Set with Black Tango Fountain Pen from Goldspot certainly performed up to my expectations and was a lot of fun to write with.  I’ll definitely be keeping this on hand for those special hand written notes or things that I need to sign where I want to make it look like I’m much fancier than I actually am.

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