Online Job Recruiting Pros and Cons

Recruiting new employees online has become more popular over the past several years. Companies have the opportunity to search for new employees using the Internet. Some companies have even started to hire employees who will work for them from home without ever coming into an office. There are both advantages and disadvantages for corporations who hire employees online.

Employers can select from a larger number of potential employees when they recruit new employees online. They can easily reach prospective employees from anywhere in the country or throughout the world. This is an important advantage for companies offering employees large salaries and excellent opportunities. They can use the Internet as a way to search for the best candidates.

Companies can search for top candidates to fill their positions by using targeted employee searches. Employers can use employment sites to post a listing of the job positions available as well as any requirements for the job. They can specify exactly what qualities they are seeking in an employee. A company can be more selective about who they hire since they will be able to interview people from anywhere on the Internet. Sometimes companies are limited in their prospective employees because they advertise locally (as opposed to online) and do not receive enough responses form top notch individuals.

Online job recruiting offers inexpensive ways for companies to recruit new employees. There are a variety of job databases online. Many of these websites allow companies to post jobs for free. Individuals who are searching for work can reply to the ads of interest. Most sites are designed so that employers can look through hundred or thousands of resumes from potential employees. This is much more cost effective than taking out ads in newspapers and magazines when conducting a nationwide search. Craigslist.com and other online classified sites provide another way for employers to meet potential employees. An advantage to using Craigslist for job recruiting is that it is free!

Employers can use online employment websites to scan through resumes in order to spot potential job candidates. It is easier to scan through hundreds of resumes online than to receive large numbers of resumes in the mail and in person at the office. The paperwork can be overwhelming for companies that only use local job recruiting where interested individuals must send in a resume and cover letter.

There are potential disadvantages to recruiting employees online. If a company is going to hire online or conduct telephone interviews, they will not have the ability to meet with the individual in person before hiring them. In some cases, an employer might receive a positive impression of someone who ends up not being the best choice for the job. If an employer does want to do face to face interviews after narrowing possible candidates down to a small list, they might need to pay to fly people to their area for an interview. For a high profile job this might be worth the investment but not in all cases.

Another downside of online job recruiting is knowing if someone is interested in the job or not. An employer might find a resume of an individual that they think is perfect for the job. They might contact that person only to find out that they only posted a resume to see if they could attract job offers. The employer might also learn that the job they have to offer is not a job of interest to an applicant. In cases where employers contact people after finding their resume, rather than waiting for those who submit resumes directly for their job position, the employer might be left disappointed.

Online job recruiting provides great opportunities for both employers and job seekers. When used carefully these services can create a successful match for a job seeker and employer.


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