Online Jobs for Teens

Teens today develop part of their independence by making small cash through part time jobs. Cash they can use to purchase that latest MP3 model or that designer jeans they have always wanted but mommy and daddy won’t buy. These small independent opportunities develop their adult decision making life later on. Here are a few online job tips for teens.

Know if you are at the right age to work

Do some phone calls and inquire the minimum working age allowed in your state. If you’re of the right age, then consider part time work.

Ask for your parent’s permission

Include your parents in the decision making process. Share your plans and goals with them. Communicate your intentions and ask for their support. Express your feelings. Independence is earned a step at a time. Discover it on a regulated pace. It is best that both parent and teen go to process together and move thru these steps together.

Where do I find a job online?

There are several search engines in the web that offer online job opportunities for teens. Look up sites like careers online, coolworks.com, getajob.com, myworkster.com and teens4hire.com. Take your time and review the job lists that are open for hiring. For starters, it is best to begin by writing down a number of jobs you feel you are competent to do. Discuss the jobs that interest you with your parents and ask for advice.

What sorts of job are open?

Most jobs opening are usually related to web design, writing articles, doing paid surveys, doing accounting jobs, typing data entry jobs, selling items online and proof reading. Far from the conventional jobs like administrative work, grocery and convenience store jobs, fastfood, newspaper delivering and babysitting. However there are very obvious advantages that online jobs have. First of all you don’t need a dress code to operate a computer. You can work in your pajamas and know no one will care. Second, you are not dependable on transportation. There are no to and from to work place schedules for your parents. Also there are no fixed times wherein you have to be punctual. Finally, there are no disturbances from co-workers.

Match the job with your availability

Schedule your work around your studies and other extracurricular activities. Always keep in mind that your main priority is your studies and not the other way around. It’s good to make money for your own but studies come first.

Use caution before applying

Seek you parents help in applying for the online job. Don’t readily give out personal information. Check the reputation of the company by verifying with Better Business Bureau.

Samples of other jobs online

  • Animationarena.com: If you’re the type of teen who loves to draw animated cartoons and is interested with making games, try browsing this site. Get paid to write video games and comic books.
  • Professionalanimations.com: In this site, you can sell animations you have created. Develop an online portfolio of your material and concepts, sell and make money.
  • Cafepress.com: In this site, you get to use their virtual store to display your novelty items like personalized t-shirts, mugs, pins, caps and even stickers.

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