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Online Marketing: Get More Clients With An Ecourse

  • By Cathy Goodwin
  • Published 11/17/2008
  • Writing for the Web
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If you want to get more clients, you probably have an ezine with a subscriber list. But what if you are just starting up your ezine and your list is small? Or what if you have alway done face-to-face networking and now you’d like to expand to online marketing? When you’re starting a new website or targeting a new audience, an e-course might make more sense. For example, suppose you are not sure if your market will be responsive enough to invest time in an ezine. And once you promise an ezine, it’s hard to cut back and decide not to publish. Or maybe you want to go on vacation or deal with a personal challenge. Your website will still be attracting visitors. Some of those visitors will be potential clients. There’s no need to let all those visitors disappear without a trace. You can capture their names and email addresses with an e-course. An e-course is a series of emails, each containing a short piece of information. You call each email a lesson. You set up a system to deliver these emails to those who opt-in with a specific request for your e-course. But you have to follow a few guidelines.


. Begin by writing a sales letter to promote your e-course. Why will readers want to sign up? 2. Choose a straightforward topic that addresses a specific, painful challenge. “Never be afraid of cold calls again” will probably draw more readers than “Introduction to sales.” 3. Keep courses short. Most readers tend to tune out after five to seven days. Once you are established in your market, your readers will welcome longer courses. 4. Time your message for every day or every other day. Readers have short memories. They’ll forget you if you wait too long between messages. 5. Use copywriting strategies to hold reader interest and motivate them to view you as a resource when they’re ready to take stronger action. 6. Aim for one take-away and one action step in each message. You’ll give readers a taste of what to expect if they sign up to work with you. Most won’t actually take these steps but they’ll understand where you’re coming from.

7. Sign up with a mailing system that hasn’t been universally banned for overzealous mailings. There’s no way you can manually track who’s on which lesson. And you’ll want an automated record of subscribers so you can follow up.



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