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Online marketing trends for 2010

The internet geniuses are getting ready for the next internet revolution and are busy predicting the next e-trend, which is going to come down the line and the best that is expected from it. The reality is that business prediction has never been easy and to cope up with it is very difficult. No one can predict whether the new revolution in the online world will be in the form of mobile platform expansion, new SEO i.e. the search engine optimization or in the social media-marketing network.

As we all know in today’s world, people are getting more and more attracted to mobile handsets with features like big touch screen and fast internet browsers. This is forcing the small and medium enterprises to jump on the same bandwagon. If a company’s website is not internet mobile centric and is not accessible on a mobile phone with all the internet features present in it, that means the company is losing business because the visitor will be forced to visit some other company’s web site in the same segment.

At the beginning of the internet era, search engine optimization technicians used to show their internet skills by displaying link of their web site on the front page of the search engine. However, in recent times, especially in the beginning of 2010 with the introduction of personalized real time search, it has become very hard.

This is not an indication of urgency that all businesses need to shift their focus towards real-time and personalized search immediately. However, they still have ample amount of time, as people will take time to get accustomed to it. Nevertheless, personalized and real-time search have made a mark of their presence and have shown great potential as a business prospect.

The on-page optimization deployment will still play an important role in the search optimization though search engines as Google will start giving their real-time and personalized search results. However, the basic objective of any company is to be placed on the front page of any search result, irrespective whether a search is real-time personalized or not.

The past year 2009 was the year for social networking websites like Face book and Twitter. However, 2010 will enhance their popularity manifolds, as these web sites will start giving personalized services to their account holders on payment basis.

Each business should pay attention to the changes occurring on these social networking web sites and should follow the trend. Today, almost all businesses have their account on these social networking sites with an objective of making their presence. Businesses should understand that this should not be their only option. However, it is totally accepted world wide that social media strategy can become a vital tool for the development of online user base.

The escalation of internet has permitted businesses to issue their own subject matter for and about their company or industry, which usually include videos, pictures and blogs. Blogs play a vital role in the development of the company’s image, as it is a valuable tool through which a company can communicate with its employees and customers; permitting them to share and exchange their expertise as well as their knowledge.

There are a number of business blogging software available in the market both for beginners as well as experts. There are a number of software companies, which are into making of such software and offer some very easy and ready to use blogging tools for beginners. Some of them are Movable type, Blogger.com and Type Pad.

Blogging is one of the cheapest ways of marketing your companies name and making it familiar on the internet. One just needs to express its thoughts, attach links to the resources and the blog is ready to be published. One must always update its blog, as it is a potential means of sharing information, knowledge and expertise both with existing customers, potential customers and employees.

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