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Online reputation management services to regain your integrity on the world wide web

It is a noted fact that blogs, forums and other online talks can play a vital role in making or breaking a company’s reputation. Just as positive listings can help in attracting more clients, negative listings about a company can play an equally important role in harming the image of the company. Once a negative word is spread about a company it becomes very difficult to regain the trust back from people. A huge rise in the negative listings on the web was first noticed in the year 2004 when it was noticed that negative publicity can adversely affecting the business of the companies. This became a major concern among website owners, who were looking for solution to deal with such kind of situation.

It was during this period that Online Reputation Management (ORM) came into being. ORM was a well planned process that basically helped in improving the brand image of the company over the web with search engine optimization that include promoting positive pages, creating other sites and posting new content that will push the negative listing off the first page etc. BrandRevitalize was the first company worldwide that started offering comprehensive ORM services in the year 2005. Over the past few years BrandRevitalize has helped companies by providing them their desired place on the web. Today BrandRevitalize has clients in over 40 countries and offices in 4 major cities of the world.

Brandrevitalize helps you regain, protect and uphold your brand name by designing solutions as per your requirements and as per the latest market trends. The firm has a specialized team of experts that consist of engine optimization experts, online marketing experts, assessment content experts, web developers and programmers who work together to put their expertise and experience in the field to bring out workable solutions for you. Every client is unique and so are his requirements, therefore the firm provides different solutions, plans and products to match the varying requirements of the clients.

Brand Protect, The Defender, The Almighty, Gold Plan, and Platinum Plan are the most popular products from BrandRevitalze. These products are designed keeping in mind the requirements and offer solutions to various online problems. As ‘Brand Protect’ offers protection against widespread trademark abuse, traffic diversion, and online slander, ‘The Defender’ ensures protection against domain abuse and brand hijacking. Both these products are available with a package of six months and can be availed for $1500 and $1999 consequently. ‘The Almighty’, our most popular product, on the other hand offers protection against severely damaged reputations for small business and enterprises. This package is available for $3999 for six months.

The Gold and Platinum Plan are available on 1 or 2 year contract. As Gold Monthly Plan offers assured monthly strategic Off-page and On-page SEO campaign; Print, Internet, and Broadcast Monitoring with updates every 6 hours; and an exclusive access to tens of thousands media outlets, online journalists, and analysts; the Platinum Plan offers all this and in addition offers extra ordinary Search Engine Marketing Campaign. These packages are available by paying monthly charges of $2999 and $5499 consequently.

BrandRevitalize was created in 2005 for the sole purpose of protecting, repairing and reinforcing your name on the Internet. 


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