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Only Buy Solid Gold Staples

Don’t worry, reading the headline for this post may lead you to think I’ve lost my mind, but that was a quote that caught my attention the other day when watching TV.  It was a quote from the above NY Lotto commercial, which is pretty funny if you watch it.  Hearing a voice say “I only buy solid gold staples” is certainly something that will grab my attention, so after I realized what it was, it still made me want to do some research to see if such a thing existed.


Sure enough with a few quick google searches, I found these Ooms 14k Staples for “only” about $63 once I convert from Euros.  Technically these are gold plated and not solid gold, but this is the closest I could find.  You get a whopping 24 gold staples for that price, which comes out to about $2.63 each if you can resist that bargain.  I honestly contemplated getting these to do a review, but for now I’m going to let my common sense be my guide and skip doing that.


Of course there were some gold color staples I came across that are probably a much better way to spend your money, although I’ve had nothing but bad luck with colored staples.  You can get this pack of 5000 gold staples (via Amazon) for a much more reasonable $8.99 or $0.001798 each.  You can actually get 35,000 of these gold staples for the same price as 24 of the actual gold staples, but I’m not sure how many people actually need 35,000 staples, that’s almost 100 staples every day for a full year.


Just in case you need a gold color stapler (via Amazon) to go with your gold staples you can pick up this nice shiny Swingline Gold Stapler for that perfect one – two punch of gold goodness in your office supply stash.  This is a little too flashy for me, but go ahead and fancy up your desk, it might make the perfect seasonal change of pace for the upcoming holiday season.

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