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Operating With An Article Marketing Service

  • By William Gold
  • Published 02/21/2011
  • Article Writing

Online advertising has been around just as long as the internet itself, however it isn’t just limited to flashing banners and annoying popup ads. Article marketing, an advertising technique that has been in use for as long as printed mass media, is an equally popular, albeit less visible method of advertising for which many companies prefer to make use of an article marketing service. Instead of conventional advertisements, this business uses short articles to entice and inform consumers about a product. As opposed to most advertising which aims to expose itself to as wide an audience as possible, it is designed to be sought out by consumers, or at least to be encountered by consumers searching for something similar. Articles are typically written about a subject tangential to whatever their parent company is trying to sell, providing contextual information to both intrigue a potential customer and also to enlighten them. The articles are usually laden with hyperlinks leading back to the website for which the company was written, or at least includes references for it. However, more so than direct exposure to a target demographic, they provide a much more subtle benefit to a company.

This method is a facet of a larger aspect of advertising: search engine optimization. The w

ay most search engines operate is by scanning the internet for content referring to a certain source, and then sorting the relevancy of those sources by the amount of content leading towards them. In this case, content is provided by a supplier in the form of articles. Again, articles are written on a subject relating to the product or service offered by a website (for example, unlocked cell phones) and populated with hyperlinks pointing back towards website offering said products or services. When a user makes a search engine query for “unlocked cell phones”, the search engine will find the article with hyperlinks of the key words “unlocked cell phones” and the website to which they lead. The search engine then interprets this as relevancy and elevates the websites position among search results accordingly. If multiple links are put in a single article, the degree of relevancy is increased, and if several articles are published each with several hyperlinks, than substantial gains can be made for the website’s rank, appearing closing to the top of the list of results.

In this way, a user searching for “unlocked cell phones” is thus vastly more likely to happen upon the website in question. Because this method focuses more specifically on these aspects of article marketing, they can provide results far more substantial than a company allotting only minimal resources and man hours into the endeavor.



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