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Organization chart ranking with org chart software

  • By Joe Kollinger
  • Published 01/30/2010
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Let’s face it. Every manager wants to get their hands on the organization chart, but everybody hates making them. Extend some pity to the worker who has the assignment of making all of the org charts for the company.Typically this person goes through about 15 iterations for each group, and gets plenty of complaints that their box is smaller than another person’s – or that they are not high enough on the chart.There’s a lot of fuss in making the org chart for a larger organization or group of organizations. But then the fun continues as people move in the company and the charts need to be redrawn. And can you every be sure that you didn’t miss somebody? How would you know?But it doesn’t have to be that difficult if you take advantage of software that actually automates the job of making organization charts.The top-ranking organization chart software will allow you to accomplish the following:* Automate the organization charts by importing company HR data.* Allow charts to be broken up into sub-charts or divisions so that the chart is readable.* Automatic calculations for headcount, load count and budget summaries that change as the input changes.* Ability to contain hyperlinks and attachments to each member on the chart.* Ability to add an unlimited number of custom fields (text, numeric, currency, date, calculation, dropdown, etc.* Publishing in formats that everyone’s computer can read.* Publishing to the Inter/Intranet so that anyone can see the org chart.* Automatically updating the chart and outputs on a scheduled basis, without operator intervention.* Ability to produce an audit trail of changes.* Ability to compare charts by record and even by field for scenario planning or validation.Top-ranking organization chart software will do these things, making the org chart a hands-free system once you have set it up.


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