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Organizational charting softwares for oracle and powerpoint

Only OrgChart v5 draws for you. Simply input your information and OrgChart does the rest, giving presentation quality results every time. You can even create your charts from a database, which is a fantastic time-saver for larger organizations. Easy to use and rich in functionality. OrgChartPro  is the new, world-wide standard in organizational charting software, supporting all of the functions of charting, succession planning, re-organization, budget analysis, and much more.We have following types of organizational charting software like:

Organizational Charting Software Oracle: OrgChart Professional will connect directly to Oracle HR EBS, or any Oracle database allowing you to make organization charts for your company the easy way. OrgChart Pro easily imports from Oracle to instantly create professional organizational charts. Especially if you are looking for a way to automate the org chart creation process from beginning to end – OrgChart Pro can be scheduled to run on a daily basis to pick up changes that are made to the Organizational Charting Software Oracle database and then update the charts and publish output to PowerPoint or a Flash web site.

Organizational Charting Software PowerPoint:Are you still wrestling with PowerPoint  to make your org charts? OrgChart Professional automatically creates your organization charts and then instantly publishes to PowerPoint. While PowerPoint is presentation software, OrgChart Pro is made specifically for organizational chart creation. That’s why a chart created in OrgChart Pro takes minutes, while the same chart created in PowerPoint takes hours.

OrgChart Pro makes it quick and easy to create charts, format, add color and style, and include calculations for headcount and budget analysis. And finally, OrgChart Pro publishes to PowerPoint (or Flash), so you get an output that can be easily shared with everyone.

Organizational Charting Software Visio: If you are still wrestling

with Visio to make organizational charts you need to examine OrgChart Pro, the software expressly made for creating and publishing organizational charts.

Compared with Visio, organizational charts created with Org Chart Pro are done more quickly and have many more options for formatting, arrangements, and data intelligence. With OrgChart Pro you can easily see that charts match the organization’s data – so you don’t need to wonder if you have forgotten to add a person to the chart, or if you have put them in the wrong place. That’s because the view of the chart and the view of the organizational are continuously in view and synchronized. Larger charts are automatically paginated into interactive sub-charts, allowing you to drill up or drill down throughout the organization. And if you need to, all people can be shown on one page so you can print on a large plotter output. OrgChart Professional will output to PowerPoint, and interactive Flash web site, and even Visio.

Hierarchical calculations are particularly easy to do in OrgChart Pro, which makes it an ideal tool for succession planning and company re-organizations. And with the audit and compare tools you can see exactly what has changed (financial impacts, reporting relationships, headcount, etc.) between different org chart scenarios.

Visio has been designed as an all-purpose diagramming package, whereas OrgChart Professional is solely dedicated to organizational charting and publishing.

About Us:

 Organizations can follow functional, Line-Staff, or matrix structures. In today’s project oriented businesses the matrix approach is frequently. Each employee has a functional manager, but they are also loaned to one or more projects where they also have a line of accountability. A well-defined organizational chart will give a great visual of your work force for your business and human resources planning. Organizational charting software oracle, powerpoint  and visio  are valued because they make lines of authority, accountability and responsibility clear.


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