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Original vacheron constantin american 1921 watch

  • By edric Agee
  • Published 02/10/2011
  • Non-Fiction

When Vacheron Constantin put the Historique American 1921 into maket, it unveiled the detailed information about its ancestor. Though it is easy to get all the information, the original watches is close to ultra-rare status. So you can understand how exciting a watch lover will be when hearing that an owner of this vintage watch plans to sell it.     The original “American 1921” to be sold was one of the 10 limited pieces. It was the first Vachron watch that fixed the crown at 2 o’clock position-this kind of watch was called “crown right” model by collectors. As far as I know of, the last one of these “crown right” watches was sold at a whopping price of 61,000 CHF at auction in 2005.     The owner was advised to send his watch to Vacheron Constantin for a restauration before taking it to auction. But it think it is better to keep it what it is now since the age and the wear only increase its beauty and it actually looks fantastic now.   This watch being reviewed is an original American 1921 and houses a hand-wound mechanical movement that has 16 jewels and is adjusted to five positions. The enamel dial and the marker at 2 o’clock get some damage. But given the watch is 90 years old, you can not be too captious. The small second subdial is located at 6 o’clock position. The hands feels like made of blued steel and filled with tritium for night-time reading. Noe the tritium does not grow any more, of course.And it is surprising that this specific model has very close case number and the movement number  as the last one sold at the auction. I am now looking forward to its show at the auction.



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