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General Pen and Office Supply Stuff:

  • The Sharpie blog has an awesome post and picture about their new Stainless Steel Sharpie that is yet to come out, but the thing is AWESOME and I cant wait to get one.  I’m hoping to be able to buy one as soon as they are available and do a post on it.  They are nice because they will have refills for them, so they are environmentally friendly, and they just look really cool.  Sharpie Blog has been added under my “Read Stuff” section”.
  • Ink Quest is a new blog that I just came across that seems really cool, check it out if you are interested in Fountain Pens, there is also an Inkquest twitter account that you can follow.  Ill add the Ink Quest blog to my “Read Stuff” section over to the right.
  • School Supply Dance is another new blog that looks pretty promising, so go have a look if you are interested.  Ill also be putting this one in my “Read Stuff” section over there on the right.
  • I noticed another Uni-ball person on Twitter today, daggett_h who lists in his bio “e-Marketing Manager for Sharpie, Prismacolor, Expo, Papermate, Uni-ball”

Giveaways and Free Stuff:

  • The Pen Addict has a new giveaway!
  • dunkind on Twitter has a giveaway on his Good Pens blog for your choice of fountain pen ink or some pens, check it out and good luck!
  • lisasamples on Twitter has a blog post where she is giving away some really nice Uni-ball Pink Ribbon (think breast cancer support) 207 pens.  Check out her blog here, Mom of 2 BoysWife of 1 and sign up for the contest.
  • Mind Most Peculiar also has a giveaway going on with her pen blog, so you should have a look.

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