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Our April 2015 Goldspot Fountain Pen Package Winner


Today we have our April 2015 Goldspot Fountain Pen Prize Pack Winner to announce, but first we wanted to share the really cool new Limited Edition Batman Moleskine journals (Check them out via Amazon and Moleskine) that are available now for pre-order.  I’m always torn because I’m not a huge fan of the quality and consistency of the paper found in Moleskine journals, but they always have such cool limited edition versions that are fun to see.  Oh, and this time “limited edition” is actually a quantifiable thing as compared to some of their previous versions.


The soon to be released (but available for pre-order) Batman Moleskine journals all come in strictly black and white versions that show off of some very shadowy imagery of the iconic superhero and supporting cast.  They have the standard extras like some pretty cool artwork on the internal covers as well as some complementary stickers to match the theme of the journals.

One of the really cool parts about this release of the Batman series of Moleskine journals is that there is actually a limited edition version.  In the past, their limited edition offerings were simply just labeled as that, whereas in this case, there is one version of the journal thats actually only one out of 5,000 making it a truly verifiable limited edition version.  This particular one is only available via the Moleskine website so you will need to check it out over there, I’m thinking of grabbing one or two myself.  If the cover art on that particular one isn’t your thing, or if you just prefer saving a couple bucks on the product itself and shipping, Amazon has them here as well.


Now for our winner of the April 2015 Goldspot Fountain Pen Prize Package! This month’s winner is Phiona Lovett, so if that’s you, just contact us here and we can get you started in claiming your prize from the good folks over at Goldspot!  For those of you reading this and not already signed up, make sure you sign up for the twice monthly giveaway and you are checking your email for the notifications that we are announcing the winners.  Once you are signed up, you are automatically entered to win the Goldspot prize pack or the $25 JetPens gift card every month.  I often have people ask if they need to do something every month, and the answer is no.  Just sign up once and make sure you check our announcements every month that are usually around the closest Sunday to the 15th and 30th of each month.

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