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Our August 2014 Goldspot Gift Pack Winner

Before we get to this month’s winner of the Goldspot.com gift pack, I wanted to see if anyone had experience with this Logitech Solar and bluetooth keyboard (via Amazon).  I currently have a wireless keyboard but when I bought it I didn’t realize it was so small so I’ve got my eye on this one now.  The reviews on Amazon look pretty positive, but the I’d put more weight behind the knowledgeable readers of this blog when it comes to good quality office supplies.  If you have it or know of a better keyboard let us know in the comments below.

Also, if you have not had the chance, check out the new Pennaquod Search that is a search engine focused on searching pen blogs only.  Its a pretty handy tool when looking for pen and pen related reviews.  I’m sure you have all experienced searching Google for the pen that you have your eye on, only to be directed to a search results page full of links to Staples, Amazon, Target, or Walmart which really isn’t helpful in most cases since we all already know that you can probably buy just about anything from those sites.

Congratulations to Steven Waggoner, who is our monthly Goldspot Fountain Pen Package winner.  If you are Steven, just leave a comment below to let us know you are claiming your prize, and also shoot us an email so we can get the ball rolling on your selection of prizes, you can email us through the contact page.  If you aren’t Steven best of luck for our next giveaway coming up at the end of the month…assuming you have already signed up for our twice monthly giveaway?  Continued thanks to Goldspot for continuing to support our monthly giveaway!

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