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Our February 2015 JetPens $25 Gift Card Winner

Technically we are one day into March, but today’s post is to announce the February JetPens.com gift card winner.  Before we get there though, its worth noting that there is one heck of a deal at for the Black N’ Red Casebound Ruled Notebook over on Amazon.  Normally these will run you anywhere from $6.50-$10 each, but for some reason they are only $2.99 on Amazon as I write this.  I actually just ordered two for myself just in case the price unexpectedly jumps up to something reasonable.  Hopefully the price still remains at this ridiculously low price by the time I get this posted.  Even at their full price I thin think that all Black n’ Red notebooks are a great value for such a good quality notebook, but at this price its almost like they are giving them away so you would be crazy not to stock up if you need to stockpile some good and inexpensive notebooks.


On to our $25 JetPens.com gift card winner!  If you are Brian Baker, you are the lucky reader to snag $25 in free goods from JetPens.  Just leave a comment below and let us know you are claiming your prize, and also shoot us an email here to get in touch so we can get your gift card over to you.  If you aren’t Brian Baker (thats probably the huge majority of you reading this) and you aren’t signed up yet, head on over to our sign up page and make sure you are entered.  Its pretty simple, sign up, confirm your entry via the confirmation email you will get, then sit back and watch for our two emails per month letting you know that a winner has been selected.  Each month we give away a $25 JetPens.com gift card to one winner, and a Goldspot.com sponsored fountain pen gift package where you get your choice of a Lamy Safari fountain pen in any available color and nib size, your choice of any format/size/color Rhodia Webbie notebook, and your choice of most standard size bottles of fountain pen ink for your new Lamy Safari.  Its a pretty sweet deal for little to no effort on your part other than a one time sign up and confirmation.  You have 24 chances (you and about 2,500 other people) per year to win one of these, don’t be one of the folks that lets their prize go unclaimed!  Here is the link to go sign up.

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