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Our February 2016 JetPens Gift Card Winner and The Black List


Before we announce the JetPens gift card winner I wanted to share something that I saw last night that only a total dork like myself (or most of the people that read this blog) would notice.  I was watching The Black List on NBC, which is a fantastic show that revolves around some top secret FBI stuff, and in one of the scenes I noticed the main FBI character put a pen down on her desk.  Lo and behold wouldn’t you know it, she was actually using a Skilcraft pen (via Amazon | also see our review) which is the pen of choice for many US Government agencies.  Well done by whoever handles props for The Black List.  Also the poor quality photo above is a picture of my TV screen with me holding the pen in front of it for comparison.


Now, on to our winner of the $25 JetPens gift card, and this month that winner is Karen Konop.  If you are Karen Konop, visit our contact us page and send us an email so we can ensure we get your prize to you!  Alternatively, you can just reply to the message from us in your in-box this morning that let everyone know we were announcing our winner today.  For everyone else reading this who didn’t get an email today I highly recommend you check out the contest entry page and sign up here so that maybe one day you will be reading your name here. 🙂

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