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Our January 2015 JetPens $25 Gift Card Winner

I’ve mentioned it a few times in other posts and updates over the last few days, but just a reminder that there are some really awesome deals (anywhere from 20% to 50% off) on pens, fountain pens, and all kinds of other stuff over at Massdrop.

You can also still get a pretty good deal on the Pilot Metropolitan over on Amazon too.

Congratulations to Keith Marquis, who is our $25 JetPens.com gift card winner!  If you are Keith, just leave a comment below to let everyone know you are claiming your prize, and shoot us an email via our contact us page so we can get your gift card over to you.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday to Everyone.  Hope you all got some good boxes in your pool, or are at least keeping track of it all with some awesome pens. icon_smile-5287016

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