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Our March 2015 Goldspot Fountain Pen Package Winner


The other day when I shared the excellent – and still available deal for the $2.99 Black n Red notebooks (via Amazon) some of you rightfully pointed out that there was a minimum order of $35 to get free shipping. I sometimes overlook that as an Amazon Prime member and as someone that buys almost everything including some of my groceries from there.  Anyway, there is another great deal there now on the Lamy Safari if you want one in Charcoal with a Fine nib, its a good $6-$8 cheaper than you will find it in most places.  If you grab the pen, some bottled ink, and a converter you can get yourself a very nice start on your fountain pen writing experience for about $35 and qualify for the free shipping.  Or if you just want a good deal on a Safari you can stick with that and whatever else you can drum up to hit your $35 limit at Amazon.


I was doing some traveling last week so we are a little late on the monthly Goldspot fountain pen prize pack winner announcement.  Just a reminder, for this giveaway, one winner gets their choice of a Lamy Safari Fountain Pen in any color nib/color, their choice from several Rhodia Webbie notebooks, and their choice from a ton of different bottled inks from our awesome sponsors at Goldspot.  You really should be signed up for this (if you are a US resident) and have never tried a fountain pen before, its an excellent way to try it out.

With all of that said, congratulations to our March winner, David Mocarsky!  If thats you just shoot us an email so we can get your information in order to get you on your way to picking out your three items.

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