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Our Two Monthly Winners and the invisiPlug Surge Protector

Before we jump into the Goldspot and JetPens winners, I wanted to share these cool looking surge protectors. (invisiPlug via Amazon)  The invisiPlug is a surge protector that blends in with the wood flooring and comes in three shades.  They won’t completely camouflage the surge protector against your floor, but its definitely better looking than a stark white or black housing that sticks out like a sore thumb.   The invisiPlug comes in three colors (Oak, Cherry, and Natural) and there is a standard 6 outlet version as well as a version that also has 2 USB ports in addition to the 6 outlets.


Now for the good stuff…because of some timing issues I had to crunch the two September monthly winners into one post today before the end of the month to keep on schedule.  First up, the $25 JetPens.com gift card winner is Delores Morello, so if thats you, just go to the About/Contact page and shoot us an email, or reply to our email that’s sitting in your in-box right now so we can sort out your prize.


Next up is our winner of the Goldspot prize pack of a Lamy Safari fountain pen, Rhodia Webbie notebook, and bottle of ink.  That winner is David Tyler, same goes for you David, hit the About/Contact page and shoot us an email, or reply to our email that’s in your in-box so we can get your prize on its way.

Thanks to everyone that participates in the giveaways each month, look for us to go back to our standard Sunday announcements of these in October.  If you haven’t signed up yet, check out the sign-up page for more details.

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