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Outlets to Go Portable Extension Cord Expander and USB Charger


Outlets to Go Unwrapped Showing 2 of 3 Outlets

I’ve had the unfortunate situation of being in various offices, and public places like airports and coffee shops where there is only one outlet with two plugs and both are taken.  This Portable Extension Cord with USB Charger is the perfect solution to that problem.


Outlets to Go Sized Up with a Ruler

At about 7″ long and 2″ thick at its thickest point when wrapped up, this is a fairly compact unit considering it acts as an extension cord with 3 extra outlets and a USB port for charging.  When the cord is unwrapped, the length of the cord minus the plastic body of the unit is about 13.5″ which makes the entire thing 20.5″ long.


Outlets to Go Side View Wrapped at 2″ Thick

In my case, this unit slipped easily into my travel laptop bag and did not take up too much space because of its efficient design that wraps the cord around the unit once, and locks it in by plugging it into itself.  You can also see the location of the USB port in the photo above.


Outlets to Go Back Side Outlet and Unwrapped

The back side of the unit is where you will find the 3rd power outlet.  My only issue with the outlets on here is that for some reason they were all pretty tight when plugging things into them, so it took quite a bit of force to get them plugged in all the way.  It is nice though that they give you plenty of space around the plugs so you can fit some larger brick-type plugs.


Outlets to Go Package

The Portable Extension Cord with USB Charger by Monster, is certainly not a full featured extension cord (no surge protection) but as an emergency tool to keep in your bag when traveling or out in an unfamiliar location it could be a total life-saver.  You can either share an already overloaded outlet or just expand the number of things you need to plug in and charge, including one USB powered item.  I think this item will be in my bag from this day forward.

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