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Outline of a Dissertation on Computing

After that, you have to describe the function of computing, the techniques and other stuff. Make sure you answer most of the following questions before you consider your dissertation writing to be complete:

1. How can we parse different relational data bases or schemas? Mention the technologies.

2. What tools and techniques are required to study the requirements elicitation phase of requirement gathering.


How the knowledge databases of an organization can be developed and maintained using IT?

4. How can Machine learning and Artificial intelligence help to promote the concept of learning customer buying patterns and advertisements?

5. How computing has enchanted the humans and made them dependent by the use of autonomous mobile robots?

6. How the best approach of testing can be found when trying to perform alpha or beta testing of any software product?

7. In NextGen software release, what are the techniques of requirement analysis and design?

8. How can an Information system or an Enterprise Resource planning system be designed for an oil based company which also makes the dealings on the Web?

9. How to realize the requirements of stakeholders in an ERP system, during its development process?

10. What are the basic Risk management techniques of any software development process?


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