Over the Hill Birthday Ideas


Authored by Suzanne Alicie in Family
Published on 07-11-2009

Traditionally age 50 is considered the birthday that puts you over the hill. There are thousands of over the hill items available for purchase in the familiar black with white writing. Some creative ideas for throwing an over the hill birthday party involve not only the decorations but party favors, the cake and even costumes. Over the hill parties are usually large events with many family members and friends. After all, turning 50 is a momentous occasion and everyone who knows the guest of honor will want to be included.

Party favors such as over the hill key chains, bottles of over the hill vitamins, and other novelty items are a big hit with party goers. The vitamins filled with jelly beans are appropriate and will be enjoyed even by younger guests. These items can usually be found in any party supply store. While you are there don’t forget to pick up the decorations. You can find over the hill themed items that include everything from napkins to party streamers.

Birthday cakes for over the hill parties can be shaped like headstones, hills, or even the number 50, with of course black frosting and white writing. Another idea is to provide trays of cupcakes decorated as headstones in place of a large cake. While 50 is a celebration the idea of an over the hill party is similar to a roast – Insulting yet loving. Be creative, and even a little bit mean in the spirit of fun.

Costumes are a fun idea for over the hill parties. With guests dressed as people from history you can tease the guest of honor about how many of them they recognize. Plus this gives people the information ahead of time that this will be a fun and non traditional birthday party. They may even come up with some over the hill party suggestions and pranks to help you out. While everyone loves a party many people see older person’s parties as boring and mundane. Shake them up a little bit, and show them that even over the hill people can still have fun. You will definitely earn a chuckle or two when you serve “Geritol Punch” or “Prune Ice Cream”. Just make sure you don’t really add prunes or Geritol to the treats.

Compile a play list of songs from the past 50 years to play, since your guests will be of all ages. There should be something there that even the young ones will recognize. This could lead to the older party goers teaching some of the younger guests how to dance to the older music and vice versa.

Age is just a number, and people who can laugh and accept aging gracefully are happier. So celebrate a 50th birthday with all the glee of a young child, but with the humor of an adult. An over the hill party should be one that people will remember fondly and that will provide a laugh or two when the photos are shared. If there are some new family anecdotes afterwards then you know that the party was a success.


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