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Overcoming Writers Block To Get Started Writing Articles And Ebooks Again

  • By Connie Ragen Green
  • Published 01/23/2009
  • Article Writing

Sometimes you sit down to write and nothing comes to mind. We may consider this to be writer’s block, but I consider it to be lack of planning. If you plan what you will be writing about before you start to write, the entire process becomes much simpler. This really comes down to setting goals you intend to achieve, as well as time management. Writing is a pleasurable experience for many people, and it is also a way to earn money and build a business for yourself. Take the time to write down your goals for writing, whether you are writing articles, blog posts, short reports, or any other type of writing. Make a schedule for yourself as well, so that you know when you are scheduled to write.

I keep a small notebook with me at all times. I have one in my bag, one in my car, and one downstairs at my house. When I have an idea for an article or a blog post, I quickly write down a few sentences so that I will not have to try to remember the idea later. Every evening, when I clean up my work area, which is in my master bedroom at my h

ome, I leave my writing idea list next to my computer. That way it is ready and waiting for me when I get up the next morning. Making a daily schedule has also made it much easier for me to write regularly and be more productive. I usually write on or two articles, as well as post to my blog, before I do anything else in the morning. I plan my writing schedule, and also my other appointments, at least one week in advance. I think of this as my rocks, pebbles, sand example. My top priority is my family. That is my main rock. Next is my business, which is writing online and technology, so that is also a rock for me. Spending time volunteering in my community, as well as helping others, is a pebble for me. Everything else is just sand, meaning that it may or may not fit in with what I am doing in my life that is considered a priority.

As you can see by now, it is all just a matter of planning out what you want to achieve by setting goals and sticking to them. If you are willing to do these simple things to organize and prioritize your life, you will never again suffer from what we commonly refer to as writer’s block.



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