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Overstep Your Hesitancy

  • By Leila Clair
  • Published 04/9/2012

Indecision is a character trait, which is usually annoying as its owner, and others. Of course, when in any case you need to put “hard bullet”, but one can not in any way to decide what he ultimately wants – it is unpleasant. So get rid of this “defect” is a must.
Listen to his speech. If you notice that your sentences include words such as “Well,” “may,” “I doubt,” “I’m not sure,” “I can not decide,” etc., it is a serious reason to think. Of course, these phrases are all familiar with, but they are too frequent use of an uncertain voice, indicating the presence of indecision in the character. So try to speak firmly, tightened to avoid reflections on a particular occasion.
Limit the time for decision making. Once there was a complicated situation, immediately start thinking about options for getting out of it.

You can even take a few sheets of paper, and each divided into two columns: one column mark the arguments “for” in another – ‘against’. For example, you set a goal to stay within one hour. So at the end of his need to complete thoughts and take stock. No matter how many ways have been considered. The main thing is that the one where the more positive aspects (arguments “for”) – is correct.
A week later, and maybe even a month, you should be able to cope with the problems mentally, without the records. With essay writing, for example In addition, the process will be quick, because of the vibrations can be eliminated by comparing the various arguments.
Cultivate courage. This is exactly what a human quality that contributes to the appearance of decisiveness and self-confidence. For example, you are afraid of speaking in public. So step over this fear. Write a report, story, poem and find a way to present the made by others. At one point, you realize that the internal stiffness and tightness retreated.
Just do not bring it to an absurdity: the desire to overcome fear of heights does not mean that an urgent need to jump from the tenth floor (although it is possible that you will be able to muster the courage to jump with a parachute). By creating in the soul of “core”, it is realistic to replace the lack of will on the firm and categorical. nopicture-3864051

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