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Oxford Flingbook Movable Tabs Review


Oxford Flingbook Cover

I’ve had a few of these Oxford notebooks hanging around for a while now, and I really like them but unfortunately they are hard to come by here in the US.  By “hard to come by” I pretty much mean impossible, and although I hate sharing stuff that I know most readers wont be able to find, I really like this notebook so I thought I’d share anyway.


Oxford Flingbook Movable Tabs

This is the Flingbook by Oxford, which is the same company that makes one of my all-time favorites, the Black n’ Red Notebook.  The thing that makes the Oxford Flingbook so unique is the tabbed divider you are looking at in the above photo.  Similar to the Levenger Circa notebooks, the plastic tabbed dividers on this notebook easily pull out and can be moved to any position in the notebook.


Oxford Flingbook Colored Page Edges

Much like the Oxford Meetingbook that we reviewed here before, the pages in this notebook are an A4 and are very fountain pen friendly.    You will also notice that theese pages are gridded, and they also have color coded edges, which in this case you can see are red.  In other sections the edges of the pages are black, red, or yellow.

Some of the specific details on the Oxford Flingbook are:

  • Gridded squares measure 5×5
  • Paper is A4 sized
  • Comes with 3 plastic movable tabs
  • Pages are perforated for easy ripping out
  • 90g paper
  • Durable cardboard cover

I have been using these notebooks for extended note taking sessions where I don’t feel like cluttering up my Circa notebook with lengthy notes, and I instead consolidate my ideas into the Circa notebook later so they are more clear and concise.  I really enjoy writing on this paper though, which is why I use it for long note taking sessions because it is so smooth and so fontain pen friendly.  I wish I could recommend that you go to a particular store to pick these up, but they are not available here in the US to the best of my knowledge.

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