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Oxford Meetingbook A4 Notebooks Review


The Oxford Meetingbook A4 Notebook

One of my favorite notebooks is my Black n Red brand that I’ve reviewed and even include in the monthly giveawayOxford, the company that makes the Black n’ Red notebook also makes another line of awesome notebooks that they kindly sent over for me to review, so this will be the first of a few that you will see reviewed here.  Unfortunately these are not available in the US, hopefully that will change at some point though because these are really nice.


Sample in the Oxford Meetingbook A4 Notebook 5×5 Squared Notebook

The Oxford Meetingbook is an A4 sized notebook with a slightly over-sized polypropylene cover, double coil binding, and an elastic closure that can close the entire notebook, or just the folder that is contained on the back cover.  Inside the Meetingbook, there are 80 sheets of gridded paper with micro-perforations that rip off very easily.  The writing that you see in the sample above was done with my Lamy Studio EF and some recently acquired Noodler’s Bernanke Blue Ink.  The paper handled this ink and a few other fountain pen inks beautifully with no show through, feathering, or bleeding.


Oxford Meetingbook A4 Notebook Margin Marks

One of the cool subtle features of the unique ruling in this notebook is that in the left wide margin, the pages have small ticks along the very top and very bottom line, so that if you want to use a ruler to extend the lines down the length of the page, you can create some extra gridded area for your notes.  In the full ruled version of this notebook, these lines extend across the entire page so you can select any area of your page to turn into a gridded format.


Back Pocket and Elastic Closure on the Oxford Meetingbook

The back cover of the Oxford Meetingbook has a convenient folder made from the same light weight and durable polypropylene as the rest of the cover.  The flaps of the folder open up completely, and can be held down by the rounded elastic straps that you see around each corner.  You can also use those elastic straps to hold the entire notebook shut.


Oxford Meetingbook A4 Notebook Page Finder

If you don’t plan on using the back folder, you can use the long side of it to fold over the edge of the pages to act as a page finder as shown above.


Oxford Meetingbook A4 Notebook 5×5 squared

I can’t say that I have any idea if these notebooks will actually make it to the US, but I can tell you that if they do, they are an excellent choice for taking notes in.  Between the style, quality, and helpful features, this is a very versatile notebook that I’m currently trying to figure out a good use for, just so I can get to use it every day.

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